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Worst Initial Breakout EVER! Best skin after 6 months.
on 23/12/2013
I switched to OTC after Yaz stopped working as well. I experienced the WORST initial break out of my life in the first two months. I never thought my skin could get that bad, but it did! I even took pictures of the acne to chart how bad it was. Slowly over 6 months I started to clear up and, now, I have probably the best skin I have had in a year. Everything is clear, save one or two small spots a month. I'll take those small spots over the cystic acne I had even before the OTC. I still have a lot of red marks left over from the initial breakout, which are clearing slowly. One good thing, the tone and texture of my skin has improved greatly. So has the firmness.<br/>I never thought I would have skin this bad, but I do and the OTC has helped.<br/>UPDATE:<br/>I am still on this BC and my acne is pretty much non-existent now. I have the best skin of my adulthood. This stuff is great!
Elegant formulas for a great price.
on 23/08/2013
I am 30 and have struggled with acne since my early twenties. Even though I have acne, my skin is normal to dry. I started to use the Regimen about a month ago with drug store products. Formulation wise, they weren't very elegant and left a white cast on my skin. I started to use Dan's products about a week into the Regimen, and wow!, what a difference! The texture of every product make them easy to spread and absorb. The cleanser is super gentle. The BP leaves no white cast, so it is easy to use the recommended dose. I also found that it wasn't as irritating as the BP cream I was using. I love the Jojoba Oil and AHA+, they really smooth my skin out and combat any flakes caused by the BP. Finally the moisturizer is highly moisturizing and a little on the rich side. I have normal, not oily, skin and so I like that. I mix it with the Jojoba Oil to give my skin extra hydration; I haven't had any problems with flakes because of it. I highly recommend the Regimen to anyone struggling with acne, but especially do it with Dan's products because of the quality and elegance of the formulations.
on 13/04/2013
I am really impressed with this BC, it really did clear my skin. When I first started taking it I was broken out on my back, chest, neck, jaw, and face! It cleared from the bottom up (back, chest, neck, jaw, then face last) with everything showing improvement the whole time, even if the area wasn't completely clear. I stopped taking it for a month and some of my cystic acne has returned, so I am back on it!
on 28/07/2011
Very good product, I love it!!!<br/>I did not experience IB, this is my regime:<br/>Morning:<br/>Cetaphil cleanser with a SOFT washcloth (gets rid of flakies)<br/>Neutrogena Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating BH gel<br/>Oxy Clinical 5% BP<br/>Neutrogena Tone Correcting Moisturizer with SPF 30<br/>Then my makeup.<br/>Night:<br/>Cetaphil cleanser with a soft washcloth<br/>Differin gel<br/>Neutrogena Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating BH gel<br/>Oxy Clinical 5% BP<br/>I firmly believe that this regime prevented the IB and it cleared my skin. I get flakes in the morning and by about 6pm. Gently using a soft washcloth for a little manual exfoliation helps immensely.