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on 31/03/2013
I have taken fish oil for like 3 years - when my acne was more light / moderate, I felt this helped. However, I've developed more severe nodular acne and stopped taking fish oil as I need stronger meds. Bottom line: This will probably help your light acne and is worth trying, I don't think it's worth trying for Stage 3-4 acne.
on 30/03/2013
I took Ampicillin for 6 months in 2011, and again for 6 months in 2012-13. Dosages were 250mg and then 500mg. I've noticed I no longer have blackheads, but this did not help my nodular acne. ALSO - this made me violently ill, throwing up a lot, first time I took it. I was so scared that I didn't take it again for 2 months. But, then I took it with food. My bottle said to take 2 hours before food and 2 hours after food - turns out the pharmacy put that on there for no reason - check with your doc about when to take it.
on 30/03/2013
I used this for about a year in 2009-2010, and again from Nov 2012 until yesterday (March 30, 2013) when I began Accutane. It helped decrease, although not completely clear, my acne in 2009-10 - my acne was light for about three years, and became more severe in May 2012, leading me to start the process of Accutane. In my experience: if you have light to moderate acne and no nodules, this will help you. I took 50mg 2x per day.
on 23/07/2011
I have been recently trying home remedies in my desperate attempt for clear skin. I have been applying lemon juice topically 2x daily, as well as doing ice massages 2x daily. I've been doing this for 1 week.<br/>I've seen a visible improvement in my acne discolorations and some improvement in my active spots. I believe the lemon juice is helping on the discolorations, and the ice is helping reduce swelling on active spots.<br/>Bottom line, I will keep doing ice massages 2x daily. The coolness stings my face slightly, especially when I hold a cube on an active spot, but after I'm done my skin feels cleaner, brighter, and tighter.<br/>I would recommend trying this, but also try lemon juice as a toner afterwards!
on 23/07/2011
I've had moderate acne for 4 years, and am currently entering my senior year of college. I am DESPERATE for clear skin, and finally decided to try home remedies as a last ditch attempt. (I have tried several perscription cleansers, lotions, spot treatments, birth control, and even a 500mg antibiotic called Ampicillin. None of it worked!)<br/>I have been applying lemon juice twice daily for a week. I began seeing results after day 1, but wanted to wait to post a little longer to make *sure* I was seeing results. So far: I'm seeing great results!<br/>My skin feels tighter, and for the first time in years I feel like I can see my real skin glowing under the red discolorations.<br/>I don't think this is a lasting solution (the lemon juice will likely dry out my skin in cold weather) but I believe that if I keep applying 2x daily for another couple weeks the redness I currently have will abate. I have had some new spots appear since I started applying, so this isn't helping prevent new acne for me...<br/>However, it's working wonders with the redness, so any readers with discolorations and red marks: try this!! It's cheap, it leaves your skin feeling great, and it works. Highly recommended.