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good , lower acne counts, long lasting
on 28/10/2013
i am taking 250 mg tetracycline with zinc . Its makes clear 90% , 1 0r 2 zits, thats nothing problem.<br/>Tetracycline is a Bacteriostatic that stops bacteria from reproducing, while not necessarily harming them or killing them, its simply inhibits protein needed for bacteria. so if u get more acne take more tatracyline 750mg(250mg*3) to 1000 mg (500*2) after diet. Use antidandruff shampoo daily, If i get more acne i take 500mg until it clears. then reduce to 250 mg.<br/>IF U SERIOUSLY WANT TO KICK THE ACNE , THIS IS ONLY FOR SERIOUS PEOPLE WHO'S SELF CONFIDENCE, AFFECTED BY ACNE AND CANT TOLERATE ACNE.<br/>1. stop all your diet types of food and drinks etc.Stop everything.<br/>2. take only wheat oats as food(cook wheat oats with water and add some salt for taste) for breakfast, lunch, supper.<br/>3. Dont eat anything only wheat oats is your food , dont drink anything (any beverage, milk etc) water is your drink.<br/>4. Use antidandruff shampoo daily.<br/>5 take tetracycline 250 mg twice( morning and night) and also take zinc 65mg enough at night<br/>Just look at the results in 1 week. then u will fallow it life long, results is awesome, beautiful, clear skin face.<br/>"without water there is no tree, without fatty, high calories food there is no acne. SImple but Worth."<br/>this will seriously work for any people fatty and high calories food is the only reason for all diseases. God bless us.
on 17/07/2011
I have been in bactrim for more than 40 days, it sops new acne on the first days itself. But blemishes took more than a month to disappear.<br/>It stops acne on the first day itself because its stops skin swelling .....If skin swelling stops, automatically no new acne.but blemishes wil not easy disappear if no skin swelling so u need a topical medicine to make the blemishes to fell. If u have good topical medicine and oral medicine Bactrim<br/>it combines and make an end to acne and blemishes.<br/>Body will not become immune to this medicine, many people telling bactrim medicine is become immune so again acne breakout. No not at all.<br/>Bactrim main activity in body is to stop skin swelling, and decrease the protein needed for acne bacteria growth. killing the bacteria is the 2nd thing.<br/>Bactrim 70 % purpose to stop skin swelling & to decrease the protein needed for acne so you lose weight<br/>only 30% to kill bacteria.<br/>Bactrim Benefits:<br/>1. Stops skin swelling so No acne on first day itself.<br/>2. Very cheap price<br/>3. Good hair growth bcos it has sulphur<br/>4. Weight loss<br/>5. Gives beautiful skin with the combination of topical medicine.<br/>6.You can take any food and chocolates, ice cream etc...<br/>Amazing medicine, take continuously for 2 to 3 months to see good results.If u feel very tired or any other effects take a half tablet on night its enough to stop new acne but apply topical medicine on old acne and blemishes. You should take liver and blood tests periodically.Dont take any other medicine while you in bactrim.