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  1. Scarless Healing

    Oh yeah and just a note of advice....don't get all wet in the panties till you hear the result of human trials and even then that its available at a doctor's office clinically.
  2. Scarless Healing

    yeah fine, i'm going away for a while you guys can keep reporting to each other about the next best thing, Skin TE is this year's sunogel. See you 2030.
  3. Scarless Healing

    She has depressed scars (rolling scars and deep boxscars). Dermabrasion is not the option. It's previous half century treatment and completly waste of money for her situation. Compairing to lasers it's only "split" the epidermis and not even close come to the lower derma layers, where the scars are. And her 12 lasers procedures, I think she is about her 35-40s, so not all lasers are the same...Fraxel is outdated and not a good solution for the acne scars, Polamar lasers is sh*t and this were the most common options for her time. After 2012 we received not only much better and new generations of lasers, but doctors start to combine it: subcision+Profractional, ablative + non-ablative lasers, RF+PRP, etc. And results have become much better. And lasers are much more safer, than dermabrasion, it's very sad that shi**y doctors who don't know the modern treatments still suggest so traumatic procedure that completly useless for any kind of depressed scars. But even now if she'll find a good doctor she could get abot 60% of improvements obviously. Probably, If the cell therapy will receive a boost, it could give about 20% of improvement in plus, We can see on PubMed were published some articles about stem cell injections for severe acne scars, results are good, but still not the 100% ofc. So Polarity is the best bet for now. Give me a friggin break, she had all the latest lasers done. Dermabrasion is still the standard of care for this type of treatment. I've seen every result from the combined PRP, subcision, laser blah blah fat etc. approach. EVERYTHING. And if the lighting is the same you won't see diddly squat difference. 100 percent guaranteed. Only where they subtly crop and use diff. lighting will everything be better. I've seen people wait years thinking their skin would "remodel" from some skin gun using a biopsy of stem cells like renovo plus prp plus laser plus blah blah and at best I saw NO IMPROVEMENT in acne scars. So bugger all this waiting for skin to remodel over years. And how exactly will the skinTE work???? You're gonna have your skin dermabraded or lasered or whatever to the level of the deep rolling scars and be a skinless anatomical model and then skinTE will fix your skin in months, years? Give me a break. Its the holy grail of the fountain of youth. It didn't happen for Ponce de leon and it ain't happening for us.
  4. Scarless Healing

    just to show you ow far away any of the typical modes to for scars --this woman had deep dermabrasion and had tried many lasers before. Shes not left with more fucked up problems. 2017-08-19&utm_term=GlobalNLSuperStar#
  5. Scarless Healing

    Yeah I'm really not trying to be a dick. Part of it is I want to ween myself away from thinking about this topic anymore since I've been here since 2010 --8 years! I actually know the real timeline. I talked to a top researcher at University of Indiana --and by the way all the scientists are doing tests on technology that PolarityTE is doing. And he said you might be seeing everyday clinical applications by 2030, not 2020. And the problem guys is that there are very advanced youtube vids from 2010 about stem cell engineering. And NONE OF THOSE THINGS people from Stanford were talking about are even close to being here. That's seven years ago! Anyway. I'm really saying goodbye thistime. Someome pm me if anything becomes commercially available. Cheers.
  6. Scarless Healing

    guys, honestly don't wait around for this skinTE stuff either. i mean its fun to just watch like a tv show that develops to a dramatic climax (usually failure or just tired waiting around). But untill something is available in your actual DOCTOR'S OFFICE it is basically just a science fiction show you're watching. Nuff said. Peace out. I'm really leaving for a while. I'll officially not check this site till August 2018. See you guys in a year. I hope I'm wrong and we all find something, but I fear I'll be correct.
  7. Scarless Healing

    what about hydrogel? why we abandon what we discuss for 2 years now about hydrogel and you guys just forget.
  8. Scarless Healing

    what about sunogel?
  9. Scarless Healing

  10. Scarless Healing

    Guys come on, aren't you all being a bit delusional here. I read the Forbes article and everything about Polarity. It says "if this technology works" then okay it will be so greeat blah blah, and also laboratory evidence of regeneration or almost regeneration etc. but ALL OF THIS WAS SAID ABOUT RENOVA, RECELL, ACELL MATRISTEM etc. etc. OVER TEN YEARS AGO!!!! I've talked to top scientists. I repeat SCIENTISTS at UCLA, MIT, HARVARD and UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA not doctors who are trying to become CEOS and shit. Doctors don't know fucking ANYTHING about science they're just a bunch of business people with narrow specialties. And these doctors don't know shit they were just poached to give the company some sort of impressive pedigree (and it WORKED with the FORBES article and their stupid ads clearly looking for more funding so they can pad their accounts with tons of "research money" to keep us hoping for the next two decades as they build mansions and buy ferraris. These people are just greedy. Seriously, I'm trying to help you guys. THe scientists say that regeneration of this type is literally decades away. There's no proof any of thiswill work just as it was with acell and those other companies. I'm taking wagers there will be ZERO. ZERO news even by 2019 on this front. And even if there is it will be a decade away and cost in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to have done. So stop dreaming. Make peace with yourselves and your scars. I will literally not post a bloody thing until I see proof. Proof of these being successful and available anywhere. I'm only gonna check back into this site on a monthly basis so it doesn't feel like I'm wasting my time. But this thread will be alive in 2030. MARK MY WORDS. WE'LL ALL STILL BE HERE IN 2030 (I'll be an old man!!!!) But I'll make this voyage with you guys and we'll still be talking in 2030. Love and peace to all goodbye.
  11. Scarless Healing

    Ugh guys we had these marketing pamphlets promising the same "revolution" in a year back in 2007 with everything from Recell to Renovo to other companies. And that was 10 years ago. Taking bets Skin TE won't be here by 2018, 2028 or 2038. Let's keep this thread alive with all this boundless optimism!
  12. Scarless Healing

    could someone please explain to me exactly how skinTE works and how it repairs scar tissue? fills in acne scars etc.
  13. Scarless Healing

    I'm certain its all just marketing hype. As Nikki said I'll see it when I believe it. I would bet 100 grand y'all gonna be here in 2027.
  14. Scarless Healing

    I just talked to a doctor researching this stuff with a huge grant. He's in Australia with a big university. He said we won't have any clinical applications by 2020, he thinks maybe 2025. I think even that's optimistic but possible. Look at it this way. There are companies that made similar promises to roll out clinical apps in a "few years" back in 2007 when this thread started and nothing was intrdouced ieven after a decade. Time to be realistic. When it comes it will come....
  15. Scarless Healing

    What veins? You don't need to regenerate veins to regenerate skin. However, to answer your question please visit Polarity's website. Yes, they are hoping to expand this technology to also regenerate: Bone, Capillaries, Muscle, Cartilage, and Peripheral Nerves. What a time to be alive! I really really need this shit.
  16. Scarless Healing

    The proposed timeline is first Quarter of 2018 for Clinical use. That's literally around the corner.
  17. Scarless Healing

    That looks like a piece of bacon!!! So when is it available?
  18. Scarless Healing

    I'm gonna be honest dude. No point fooling ourselves. The lighting is totally fudged in these pics and so is the cropping. I mark only maybe 20 percent improvement in most patients in these pics calibrating from the lighting effects. That's good, it's standard what is available now. There's promise, but this won't get rid of those really bad boxcar and rolling scars sorry. Next.
  19. Scarless Healing

    you know what makes me so sad. that this thread began in 2007 and is still going strong. with 0 evidence of anything on the market that can help. maybe it's just not possible?
  20. Scarless Healing

    what no one? I thought we were making so much progress and every day something new and wonderful was happening?
  21. Scarless Healing

    I'm going to become positive on all fronts but there has to be a solution in the next 4 years or my life is over. I'm giving this till 2020. Anyone here can give me the good news it will happen and be available in clinics by then? If so I love you.
  22. Scarless Healing

    okay fine, i'll keep hope for whatever it is a few more months if there are at least definitive results from an experiment pro or negative. at least i'll know someone is doing something. and if this polarity thing is also a scam i'm leaving this thread for exactly 3 years and checking back then
  23. Scarless Healing

    Well I only said it because I've been reading since 2007, 10 years ago that renova, hydrogel, now polarity will cure all our problems. But nothing happens. It just makes me want to lose hope.
  24. Scarless Healing

    yeah i think i'll leave the forum for a while, it's always about the "next thing" first hydroel, now you guys are bringing up polarity stuff, then it'll be another thing. I'm not being antagonistic, I just want this thread to be realistic. sure people are working on all sots of things including flying to mars. Will it happen for you and me? No. The type of total regeneration we're looking for or assume would be the holy grail, the fountain of youth. And we're not hundreds but thousands of years from that. If this world still continues.
  25. Scarless Healing

    Recent Economist article. I dunno some of the stuff cited here is from 2005!!!! Seems to me there isn't much happening. God I'm so depressed since talking to that skin scientist at university of arizona who told me he doubts there will be anything as far as regenerative technology for skin even by 2030. I think I'm just going to accept my fate. There will be cures one day. But too late for me.