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  1. Why is subcision so expensive?

    Its because the time it takes to treat that 1 scar is not much more than to treat half your face. My full face cost 1200 each time. You are taking up a room for at least 30 minutes to an hour. They prep the room for you, inject you with something to numb you, give you time to become numb and then do the procedure. Also if they have an assistant their time is being paid and given to you. How much do you think it should cost? Then think about how much time was invested and divide that money by the time and people involved. If it were cheaper than 200.00 they wouldnt be able to keep the doors open. What if it cost 50 bucks. How much profit would that doctor make off that from giving you 30 to an hour of time. They would probably lose money.
  2. 27 yo male with severe acne scars in 2017

    I had bellifill done and it is more for spot treatment than doing some sort of massive facial volumization (made the word up but it works I guess). I do have spots where it was used that I can feel are thicker than the rest of my skin. There are also spots on my face that were injected on 4 different occasions and it seems like my skin just "ate" it and there was no change. I was told by my doctor that what you see with bellifill after the procedure is what you get but I dont believe that to be true at all. I think everyone's body reacts differently to how it forms its own collagen around the micro droplets. I think doctors need to wait 6 months before retreating the same area with it to see what your skin does. I wouldnt go the route of a permanent filler until you are at the end of the road on your scar revision. You might see more improvement by gaining a healthy 5-15 pounds. I dont know what your height and weight are but my face looks better at 5ft8 150 pounds 8% body fat than I did at the same height but 120 pounds.
  3. Cystic Acne scars

    I had cystic acne on my back as well. If I were you Id ask the doctor who has given me acne scar treatments and he may be willing to give you his opinion. He never treated my back. He only treated my face but he has treated burn victims and he is a big deal in the Nashville area. Not saying you would go to him but his opinion might help you get an idea of what can be done. His name is Brian Biesman. This is his account on real self https://www.realself.com/find/Tennessee/Nashville/Oculoplastic-Surgeon/Brian-Biesman This is how you might be able to contact him. https://www.facebook.com/drbiesman/ Send him a message with your question and your 4A pic. All that might be able to be done is take the redness out but thats better than nothing.
  4. TCA Procedure

    I would start at 20% as long as you are light skinned caucasian. You may see no peel at all at 12.5%. I am currently doing my 2nd 35% peel. Prepare for pain on your neck, under eyes and sides of face near the ears or side burn area. This time I prepped by using a salicylic acid wash for a week and brushing my face with a toothbrush every other day for a week to get dead skin off my face. You MUST keep your face moist while peeling or it will cause it to dry out, prematurely crack or extend healing time. The more you sleep the faster you will heal. You will itch and it may be hard to sleep due to the itching and being covered in aquaphor. Sleep on a towel and I wear a head band to keep my hair out of the aquaphor. I take a benadryl and half a wal-som (walgreen night time sleep aid). You must drink water and eat right to heal faster. I try to get plenty of vitamin C and protein. It only takes me 5 days to fully peel from a tca 35% peel. When I had first done peels of 20% it took 10 days to 2 weeks to completely peel bc I didnt eat right or sleep very well at all. Try to avoid the sun for like 2 weeks or so and make sure you wear sunscreen to be safe. You will be red for about 2 weeks if the peel went deep enough. WHen you shower do not run the water over your face. Heat will make you itch horrifically and water will dry your face out. Your face MUST STAY MOIST UNTIL COMPLETELY PEELED. I even keep aquaphor in it a day or 2 after peeling just to be safe. I have done 8-10 peels and I discovered that washing your face then reapplying aquaphor was more detrimental than helpful. Any washing of the face will increase your chance of drying out, cracking and prematurely peeling due to talking, smiling, laughing and eating. Anything that causes your face to move could cause premature peeling and cracking if you arent moisturized. DO NOT PEEL OF SKIN YOURSELF. DO everything you can to avoid trying to peel off skin. Even if its just hanging there/ it can be connected to skin thats not ready to peel and peeling off hanging skin could peel off skin not ready to peel yet. I just cut it off with scissors. if skin comes off too soon it will scab over and repeel and is more likely to leave a red mark that will last weeks.