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on 22/02/2012
I see people complainign about cramps and all that, just use the topical kind. Youll have more control and it stil lworks relaly well. It may get off to a slow start, but dman once it does start, this stuff is magic in a bottle for your acne. Any knid...maybe not cystic or blackheads...but yes, this is the product.<br/>For short term use....<br/>unfortuuneatley, it stops worknig after some months.
on 22/02/2012
Let me give you a run through on this thing.<br/>No, no, no. Why are you even thinknig of using this for acne? The onyl way you could have obtained tihs is for a prescription by your doctor for ECZEMA. This is a steriod, thus has to be used every OTHER week, and agian, my doctors rule for ECZEMA. NOt acne.<br/>The first time I put this on a dry and irritated pimple, it seemed like magic. But you will regret it. This sutff BREAKS down skin. (thus the steriodal directions...every other week, dont use on face) It isnt used for acne and is a steroid. It will in the long run make your skin WORSE. And its "magic" will not prevail, my firend. I totally screwed up my lgiht acne into mdoerate last summer by using this crap. Never ever ever agian. Only use this if you have a SEVERE dry patch on your face, NOT A ZIT, and once that patch is gone, leave this stuff for your eczema. The end of the story. Great effective steroid, completely got rid of my moderate limb eczema...for acne? DONT.
on 22/02/2012
This is a good exfolaint. It gets the gunk out and msooth out your skin.<br/>But its no magic acne eraser. At all.<br/>Id be careful with any exfolaint around pimples, it might irritate them. This one didnt irritate my skin, but thats beucase I was carefu lto be gentle and not to abrase my acne.<br/>If you want a decent exfolaint tihs is good. If you want a magic acne cure, look else wear.<br/>People are really off and on aobtu this.<br/>SOme HATE it for bieng to abrasive, some aore it for magiclaly clearing them. Im one of the few on the fence. I suggest its something you need to try for yourself. Just be gentle(:
on 22/02/2012
I have had ued this for 3 years, from my mom. Worked fine for makupe and all that. But it wasnt my thing when i started getting acne. Than agian, my firend said its what cleared her. Its a good cleanser all in all. I dont use it anymore
on 22/02/2012
This is good for people iwth acne because its light, definately doesnt break you out, and leaves skin soft even and supple<br/>If your meds are giving you alot of peeling and flakiness tohugh, tihs isnt very effective.
on 22/02/2012
Does not leave skin tight or dry, leaves it soft and even and fresh. Gets out all impurities, takes off makeup. Its basic, no redness or irritation. A good cleanser.<br/>But agian, doesnt really get rid of spots, it makes your acutal skin lvoely, but its not a spot treatment. Works well and a reccomend it for anyone looking for a good, gentle and refreshing cleanser. Been using it for a few months and it is a very nice cleanser.(:
on 22/02/2012
I use this as a go to spot treatment for midler pimpels that pop up on my cheek. Reduces sweeling works fast, and makes a pimple go away in 1-3 days(: Doesnt work on REALLY infalmed acne. Good thing for your occasinoal zit. Dont use this for treating seriouser acne. It wont work for tohse that need something liek Differin.<br/>And its organic(:
on 22/02/2012
This stuff is amazing. In one week mym doerate forehead a cne already had started ot really noticeably diminish. Works great. Although it is flaknig and drying, youll need a good mousturizer. And whenyou get rid of the spots and you have 'scales" (its not THAT bad) make sure to exfoliate it and get the gunk out and mousturize mousturize. But, tihs stuff WORKS.