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on 25/06/2011
great product, no shine, good for my face, cant even feel it, however it doesnt moisturize enough but it couples GREAT with jojoba oil which takes care of that and gives me great look & feel throughout the day
on 25/06/2011
I began my proactiv treatment 3 weeks ago with a prior knowledge and game plan of what i needed to do to beat it. I purchased Jojoba Oil along with a Complex 15 moisterizer for my Oily & Sensative skin and i began my regime.I do morning & night, in the morning in the shower i begin with my cleanser adding 2 drops of Jojoba that i got from SuperStore. i add a little over a dime amount of cleanser to my finger and apply to my face and VERY GENTLY apply to my face for 1-2 minutes. The jojoba oil @ this stage helps to reduce any flakes better then the cleanser. i then rinse by cupping water into my hand ( NEVER A FACE CLOTH ), again ever so gently to ensure i do not irritate my skin. Once i finish my shower i PAT DRY my face gently and allow the rest of the moisture to air dry which takes about 5 - 10 mins for me. i then apply my Refining mask to any problem zits that i want to reduce redness or shrink for about 10 mins, i use enough of the mask to cover the zit, i leave this on for about 10 mins then wash off, VERY GENTLY with cool water. Again i Pat Dry & Air Dry. Then i apply my toner with a cotton pad ( cotton balls sometimes leave cotton on my face so i do not use them) i use about 5 - 6 drops and apply all over my face & neck. I then let it air dry. After i apply my Repairing Lotion(BP 2.5%) to my entire face and neck, using about another dime amount, however at the beginning i used less as it was to irritating. i allow the Repairing lotion to airdry once applied for 10 mins, then i apply 3 drops of Jojoba oil to my PALM and dap my fingers in it then apply to my face first patting it on and then spreading it very gently. i wait a few minutes and then apply my Complex 15 moisturizer, using a little over a dime amount. In about 10 - 15 my face would be smooth and dry, the jojoba oil leaves a light shine and i may have to wipe some off using a cotton pad to remove excess oil and reduce the shine. 3 weeks later, i am clear! thanks to proactiv & [link removed] i am now