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on 21/06/2011
I read a lot of reviews about the cool touch treatment and i was a bit hesitant to 1. spend the money and 2. possibly have worse acne as some people said happened to them. well two weeks ago for some reason a cystic pimple decided to pop and i was left with a hole in my face, i can not exaggerate this truth. thats when i decided that i didnt care about the price, my derm told me it was the best treatment out there so 4 days after i had it done. probably took about 15-10 mins, painless and quick. i put my makeup on and went to work, no one knew. i worked the 9 hrs came back home washed my face, my cystic acne seemed to have decreased. i had to re-apply my makeup as i was going out for the night, i was a bit worried about that but when i woke up in the morning my face was soo much clearer. the previous scars/craters i had on my face are fading. its not even been a week since and i am truly loving the results and have made my appointment next month to re-do it as it can take 3-4 to see BETTER results. ONLY two new pimples have appeared but its nothing compared to what i had before. give it a shot if your looking for derm also recommended other medicines to take so hopefull the combination will work!