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  1. Has anyone tried supplementing with betain HCL? It is recommended for candida, and it aids in digestion. I figured I had low stomach acid (HCL) because my stools were usually soft, and I have chronic acid reflux disease. Food just isnt digesting well. That might explain a lot of other issues relating to poor vitamin intake. I do feel better when I supplement with Betaine HCL, but am worried that my stomach lining will be stressed by it (skin tissue altered by accutane). For now its great. Might be the added nutrition gained...and if it will kill some candida, I 'll be stoked! Anyhow, for anyone interested I am still taking LDN (six months staying at 1.5 mg per day), and I feel like 600% better overall. Many of my physical problems have disappeared like my fibromyalgia muscle pain, chronic sore throats, seasonal allergies virtually disappeared, increased energy and libido,far less anxiety and depression. Not a cure all but really the most helpful treatment I have tried. Still have some lack of motivation, but overall things are pretty good.
  2. have you looked into LDN (low dose Naltrexone)? It's been very effective for me in reducing most of my post-'tane symptoms.