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on 09/06/2012
I use this as a spot treatment everytime I pop a pimple because it gets rid of the swelling very, very quickly. If it's really swollen I let it fall off as it does when it dries after a few minutes, put a little more on the spot for 10-15 more minutes and the inflammation is completely gone by the time it's dry.
on 09/06/2012
This is the face wash I've been using for the past 5 or so years. I won't use anything else.
on 09/07/2011
My year-long battle with hormonal acne started when I stopped taking Yaz to switch to another pill. During this time I had severe breakouts like I've never had in my life. After trying several other birth controls, my OBGYN had me try Safyral because it's almost the same thing as Yaz or Yasmin, only with a slightly higher dose of estrogen, plus a folate B vitamin to reduce the chance of birth defects, like Beyaz. Let me tell you, I love it! Now, Safyral is Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03mg (estrogen) and Drospirenone 3mg (a close cousin of Spironolactone, an anti-androgen) and has worked wonders for me. Everyone is different; I'm not saying it's going to be a miracle for every woman, but if you're thinking about trying this for hormonal acne I'd give it a shot!
on 09/07/2011
I tried this birth control a few months ago for my hormonal acne.. As I mentioned, the last two weeks were amazing but the first two weeks were not. I took it for 4 months, hoping it would level out.. but alas, it never did. Everyone is different, though.