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on 13/05/2013
Absolutely HG LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did that get across?<br/>Doesnt clog pores<br/>Heals my skin<br/>Protects my skin<br/>Just love it, - have tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING
on 13/05/2013
My skin: Dry, very sensitive, prone to scarring, moderate acne with hormonal cysts. Now that I cant use BP my skin sucks.<br/>I was prescribed differin lotion 1% in conjunction with monocycline. First 3 days, awesome, things drying up and coming to the surface. But my skin was so so dry. Now this isnt differins fault, but since it was working SO well I started to use the moisturizer cerave pm (aka the WORST THING in the world) and my skin FLIPPED. Maybe it was just accelerated the purging or whatever, who knows but my skin got bumpy and horrible. I changed everything to be simple and kept on with the differin. My experience with it is that yea, it turned over my cells quickly and pushed stuff to the surface. I can't go in the sun or get my eye brows waxed and I really dont like the long term costs associated with this as a permanent solution. I have stopped using it now for 3 days and my skin is getting better. I just love the dark purple scars this has given me which is the whole damn reason I started using it. I just dont see the use for this because, long term it's goin to a) stop working and you just have to keep increasing the harshness b) thins your skin and expose very vulnerable new skin to sun damage even with SPF, don't fool yourself c) skin become dependent on it which is such a vicious cycle I have experienced with BP it is NOT worth it. I really don't think the long term risks are worth the short term benefits.. Maybe in a decade in my late 30s ill reconsider.<br/>Going to try rosehip oil for scarring instead...
on 13/05/2013
Short term use - amazing<br/>Long term cost:<br/>Stops working after a few years<br/>thins skin resulting in easily damaged skin<br/>dependent, cant stop using, horrible breakouts when you do<br/>alter skins ph permanently<br/>scars and melasma that wont go away after a year :(:(:(:(:(:( NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE