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  2. Accutane and Erectile Dysfunction

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    On 10/15/2018 at 12:55 PM, Duperele said:
    On 7/4/2010 at 2:41 PM, User116745 said:

    How can a perfectly healthly 17 year old go from hard as rock to almost completely impotent? And all this happens the same exact time I'm on accutane.


    And what kind of logic is this, "if you believe its going to happen it always will happen"? I didn't think I was going to get ED while on accutane. I didn't even know it was a side effect!! But by the time I learned, it was too late.


    And people who are considering accutane as the last resort, I'm telling this story to let them know the possible side effects which will cause you more pain than you are in currently with acne on your face.


    NewEra pull your head out of your ass. I'm here to share my experience. Just because it's a scary one doesn't mean people shouldn't hear it.

    Maybe u jacked off too much?

    So did your father, buddy! :)
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  4. 6 hours ago, Biggest Brother said:

    I can’t tell if sarcasm or not lol but true justice has seen a lot and tried alot like many of u have. I mean it makes sense that most doctors are automatic in the way they analyze patients. Kineseology maybe better because of the overall focus of the body as opposed to a doctor who had to study bits and pieces of everything. I think the key would be to find a good one though and thats all dependent on where u live and ultimately what kind of background they have. I found a guy named dr shinn. He worked with several docs before he ultimately healed and started to help heal others but thats the ort i cant tell is if the work turned into a business opportunity.

    It was a bit of sarcasm. I feel as if some are being duped by doctors who have found a good source of income.
    There is just no basis in reality for applied kinesiology. i.e.: There were no studies indicating that a weak pinky finger is a sign of a bladder infection, or whatever fabricated ailment. A weak pinky finger is only a sign of bladder infection because the kinesiologist tells you your pinky is weak, meaning you have a bladder infection.
  5. Have any of you ever had the impression you were being scammed by an applied kinesiologist?

  6. 22 hours ago, Aaron76 said:

    An advertisement for a Swanson vitamin disguised as a plea for help with Accutane side-effects?

    No way would anyone in their right mind sign.
  7. 10 hours ago, Aaron76 said:

    There's a petition at change.org called a cure for accutane syndrome. Go to change.org right now, look it up and sign it, and email to family, friends, etc. Let's get this product back online to get our health and lives back. 

    Hi Aaron!

    Could you provide a link please?
  8. On 9/26/2018 at 10:22 PM, starrfeesh said:

    I am doing really well now. This is all from changing my diet to beef and water only aka carnivore diet.

    There are tons of videos on it all over youtube. I discovered it on Joe Rogans podcast with Shawn Baker. Check it out and see if its something you'd like to try but if youre as desperate as I was it's a no brainer. Been on the diet for over 2 months (with a couple cheat days) and every symptom I used to suffer from has either completely disappeared or greatly minimized.


    What side-effects/symptoms improved while on this diet?
    And how long after starting the diet did you notice improvements?

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  10. @PitTumorCrohns
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Crohns/UC/IBD were some of the most prominently discussed Accutane side effects in the 2000s but are rarely mentioned in post-Accutane forums today. I find it hard to believe that this is such a rare side effect.

    I had a couple bouts of rectal bleeding for the only time in my life shortly after starting Accutane and one of the few post-Accutane patients I have met in person experienced rectal bleeding and vomiting blood for some time ( I think she mentioned a couple years) after starting Accutane.

    Of course, dermatology claims Crohns/UC/IBD occur at a higher frequency in the general population than what is reported by Accutane users, and uses this fact to refute an association with the drug. ...A garbage statistic if you think about it.

  11. On 8/15/2018 at 2:59 PM, thesilentcartographer said:

    Hey everyone, 

    Long-time lurker on this site. Just made an account as I felt compelled to take part in this discussion about Accutane sides, and do whatever I can to help myself find some closure. Hopefully, I can help out the rest of you along the way with this 23andme project. 

    I have a plethora of questions, but for now, I'll ask only two. 

    1. What would be the best way to sift through the 600+ pages of information in this thread? Is there any way to speed this process up without missing important information? If need be, I have no problem making my way through each page individually. 

    2. Could someone possibly PM and explain the necessary steps in the 23andme process so that I might contribute what I can?

    Cheers to everyone on this thread. Best wishes to us all. 

    Very difficult to navigate this thread with intent. It is the size of a long novel at this point, with constant overlaps in major topics being discussed. It also doesn't help that this site lacks advanced search options. Your best bet would probably be to browse-through until you find a general trend in the discussion that interests you.

    Detailed instructions on participating in the 23andMe analysis can be found here.

    Thanks, and best wishes to you too!

  12. 1 hour ago, guitarman01 said:

    Along with 23andme (which i've looked at pretty extensively myself), one thing i'm curious about is if our genes could predict some of our microbiome composition and or vice versa.

    Im actually more curious of this atm, which I plan to get the most comprehensive version of this test as soon as I have some more information.


    • comprehensive access to your entire microbiome, including viruses and fungi
    • Functional metagenomics information, such as insights into what key metabolites and vitamins your bacteria are synthesizing for you
    • More comprehensive probiotic bacteria
    • Downloadable raw data for every organism detected in your sample

    Association between leptin gene rs7799039 polymorphism and lipid profile changes induced by isotretinoin treatment in acne patients



    There's one very easy  way to find out if many of us share this polymorphism. If you do have 23andMe data, please upload it and take part in the propeciahelp GWAS.

    We all have our own hypothesis, or at least suspicion, of why we are experiencing seemingly permanent side effects from Accutane.The GWAS being discussed on propeciahelp will not be influenced by anyone's hypothesis or beliefs in what is causing our problems.

    It is a simple as: 23andMe data in -> analysis -> unbiased answers

    ...And the data can be submitted anonymously.

    This has to be the easiest and most low-cost thing each of us taking part in this conversation can do, compared to the hundreds or thousands many of us, myself included, have spent buying various testing kits, supplements and drugs while trying to fix this.

  13. 23andMe analysis of post-Accutane/PFS/PSSD patients to begin soon

    Hello everyone. The administrators of propeciahelp and the PSSD forum are collaborating on a community-driven genome-wide association study of sufferers of persistent post-drug side-effects from Accutane, Propecia and SSRIs. This is based on 23andMe SNP genotyping data.

    This may tell us:
    • What genes are involved in developing side-effects from one of these classes of drugs
    • What genes are involved in susceptibility to the symptoms being persistent/permanent
    • What pathways may be targeted to overcome these side-effects
    • What biological systems to inspect more closely to answer why this is happening to us
    If there is a strong association between some of the ~750,000 genotypes tested by 23andMe, and all, or one, of our patient groups, we will likely have some answers finally and we will use this to persuade for further research.

    If you have 23andMe data, please sign up to propeciahelp.com, fill-out the questionnaire (if only briefly), and upload your 23andMe raw data (should be .zip, .txt, or .raw file extension) to the digital dropbox account linked by awor here. (use anonymous name and email for dropbox submission) You are under no obligation to post on the site beyond providing a username and answers to the questionaire, if you wish.

    Thanks all. The more people we have submitting 23andMe results, the more power this will have.
  14. 21 hours ago, arus9000 said:

    good to see some people in here trying real stuff. TRT, Sarms, Peptides and HGH. I haven't done anything since my previous post but about to start trying some things out.
    I have a range of problems all around joints/cartlige/tendon/spine! Damn you accutane (and finasteride) - going to try BPC157 to help my quad heal see how that goes

    Some people say MK2866 is good for joints other say its temporary - any ideas? Those sarms are supressive so ive always thought just man up and take moderate dose of test and DECA for increased collagen synthesis (plus MK677/HGH/peptides for the GH boost)

    anyone done just pure T and seen a benefit?

    Edit - for info purposes been doing Keto for a time i think that helps, but hard to maintain. Moving to fasting now with 50-70% calories Post-WO

    "Manning up" and taking Deca-Durabolin/nandrolone might make you less of a man.

    Some not-so fun facts about Deca:
    • Highly anabolic but poorly androgenic (often prescribed to women for this reason)
    • Poor conversion by 5-alpha reductase into an extremely weak androgen (may displace DHT?)
    • Cannot be metabolized into T-derived neurosteroids
    • Strong negative feedback on testosterone production
    • Causes "Deca-Dick", a sometimes permanent condition similar to PFS/PAS/PSSD that is widely discussed on bodybuilding forums.
    ...Just a fair warning.
  15. 8 hours ago, childofsungod said:

    Thinking of joining over at PropeciaHelp. I still don't actually know if it is post-accutane syndrome i'm suffering from because of the delay it took for my symptoms to appear, but all the signs point to some kind of acquired androgen resistance or 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, which would implicate the accutane. If you guys who have accounts over there could let me know if i'd be welcome to sign up and ask a few questions i would be grateful.

    Of course you're welcome to join!

    A lot of those guys also had a delay after stopping finasteride, where they recovered or went into a "hyperandrogenic" phase for awhile before all hell broke loose. It's almost unbelievable but exactly what happened to me after stopping Accutane.

    The focus is mainly on hypogonadal ( as you say "androgen resistance") symptoms and neurological issues, but all post-Accutane sufferers are encouraged to join.
  16. These journalists are interested specifically in sexual side effects from Accutane. There is one brief mention of this in the Dying for Clear Skin documentary. Do you think that is sufficient warning to those considering the drug or those just beginning to experience sexual side effects?

    What story regarding detrimental effects of Accutane doesn't deserve to be published?

    Are depression and suicides related to the drug not as pertinent in 2018 as they have been in the past 3 decades?

    This is about public awareness and will go to show that stories similar to ours are more than just a passing fad of hysteria.

  17. On 7/25/2018 at 3:56 AM, Biggest Brother said:
    @Dubya_B I did reach out to her, she did not respond unfortunately.  

    Sorry to hear that. I have not received a reply from her either. A good friend was speaking with her on a regular basis for awhile regarding these interviews and she sounded eager to correspond with us. I will try to ask him what's up. She might simply be on vacation at the moment.
  18. Tell that to the mother who lost her son.

  19. Hello All!

    A journalist is looking forward to interviewing those suffering from post-Accutane sexual and/or gastrointestinal side-effects. Those who are interviewed may maintain their anonymity if they wish.

    More information on www.propeciahelp.com:


    Independent writer Louisa Cavell is right now seeking contact from Accutane users who suffer persistent side effects. If you are affected by the lasting or post-drug effects of Accutane, you can get in contact with Louisa by reaching out to louisa.cavell@city.ac.uk.

    Please contact Louisa when you get a chance. This is a great opportunity to put a spotlight on these problems so we don't have to wallow in shadows of disbelief for the rest of our lives.

    Also, any sufferers of Ro/Accutane sexual side effects residing in the UK, please PM me regarding a similar potential interview.
 Pittsburgh, PA USA

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