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"It feels like the world is ending on your face"
on 24/06/2013
Ever wondered what it would feel like to pour petrol on your face and throw a match on it? Try Lemon Juice!
on 17/04/2013
Compared to cetaphil gentle skin cleanser this is very slightly less gentle but it removes makeup and dead flaky skin better but it still leaves your natural oils intact.
on 08/04/2013
Ive been using it alongside Quinoderm (5%BP + lactic acid combo) and its perfect for removing the layer of dead, flaky dry skin. This review is for the Ghana variety of ABS, I have tried the Nigerian (dudu osun) and I wouldnt reccomend it when using BP etc as its a lot harsher and stings my skin.
on 29/03/2013
Used in conjunction with something topical it can help with the initial clearing out but you need to continue treatment with something else to keep the acne away
on 07/03/2013
It works but its harsh, once you get the acne under control you can go a few days without using this to let your skin recover. (trust me you wont break out if you dont use this every single day)
on 19/02/2013
This is good to help heal individual spots and prevent them from scarring but I wouldnt call it a miracle product that some people think it is.
on 17/02/2013
I break out easily from comedogenic products and this doesnt break me out alongside using 5% BP (Quinoderm)