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It works! ... but be sensible with it.
on 02/12/2016
I've used this cream for nearly 3 years now and it's my go to cream. I suffer from mild to moderate acne from the cheeks down. I've tried so many things and it was just exhausting, so now I've found something (that isn't a miracle worker, but it definitely helps), I might as well live with it instead of wasting my life trying to find the perfect solution. Stick with it, it will burn and you'll hate it when you laugh because your skin will feel like its ripping, but your skin will soon adapt to it. Use a very small amount and focus on problem areas. It bleaches so don't put it on and then get into bed, let it dry first. I use it in the evenings only, don't over do it unless you have severe acne, then use in the mornings as well, but ONLY A LITTLE.<br/>I use Cetaphil moisturiser and that's it. No fancy routine with toners and whatever else they have, and it's worked okay for me.<br/>Please give it time and be patient while your skin adjusts. And remember, more cream doesn't mean it will work better, it'll just make your face VERY sore.<br/>GOOD LUCK :)