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on 01/09/2011
It's worth a try. I use it very sparingly as I live in western WA and we don't have sun here most of the year, and I haven't been thrilled when I've tried it, but sometimes you just need sunscreen. My skin leans towards dry when not on the Regimen so this doesn't work great for me.
on 21/07/2011
My background: Naturally (when not on the Regimen) my skin is neither oily nor dry, it takes care of itself in that aspect; also my skin is not particularly sensitive, just acne prone.<br/>When using the BP, it is perfectly normal for it to dry your skin out. The moisturizer is supposed to combat that, and it doesn't. I have to add jojoba oil to get it to even remotely work, which leaves my face very shiny and oily, not soft. The AHA+ is a much better moisturizer once you're a few weeks along in the Regimen, but should only be used sparingly. I think I will go hunting for a new moisturizer because this one isn't cutting it for me.
on 21/07/2011
This product does sting some but I am not docking it for that by any means, simply because that is in the nature of the product. It is a wonderful exfoliant and helps with flake control after week 4 of the Regimen, works beautifully as a substitute moisturizer occasionally, and seems to help breakouts clear faster and scars heal much faster. I recommend it.
on 21/07/2011
It would be a great cleanser if it wasn't so drying- I tolerate it but I think I will switch once I'm done with this bottle to something less drying. I don't feel like it always gets everything off, maybe it's a bit TOO gentle if that even makes sense.<br/>But definitely give it a try! I give it 4 stars because it's not terrible by any means, it's actually quite good, it's just not my style I think.
on 27/05/2011
I had been taking this for about a year when I read that Dan does not suggest ingesting elevated levels of iodine, and I stopped taking it because while it did do nice things for my hair and my nails, my skin was not improving by much. Not enough to keep taking it. If you can find one without elevated iodine levels then I would absolutely recommend it, as it is good for whole body health.
on 27/05/2011
It did nothing to my acne and gave me and my husband so bad nightmares that we threw the entire bottle out within just a few days. The premise is that it increases brain activity, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to help with acne, but it was absolutely awful. I absolutely do not recommend trying it.
on 27/05/2011
I find it a good touch-up powder but it really doesn't fully cover anything - redness, pimples, etc. It just tones them down a little bit. It can be good if you're going for a more natural look but I know few women who prefer that to actually having their redness and pimples covered. It hasn't clogged my pores, though, even when I forget to wash it off.
on 27/05/2011
Sweating is healthy if you take care of your skin afterwards, but beware - like everything, do in moderation. Too much and you may damage your skin or irritate it. This is great because it helps you warm up and is relaxing. Check the local community/other colleges in the area to see if they offer one for cheap - that's how I do mine now. It's good for an "every once in a while" retreat that does not damage your skin.
on 27/05/2011
While you're "supposed" to get 8 hrs of sleep a night, my body runs as close to perfect at 9 hrs, so you must keep in mind it's different for everyone - it can be anywhere between 7-9 hrs in my experience. You want your acne to go away? While sleep most likely will not get rid of it by itself, it will make it a lot worse if you do not get enough sleep. Sleep gives your body time to let go of stress and time to repair itself - your immune system depends on it, and your regeneration of skin cells depends on it. Get the ideal amount of sleep for yourself!