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on 27/05/2011
I used Cetaphil for more than a year already and it helped clear my acne because I have been having acne since my late teen years. I also tried using Tretinoin along with Cetaphil but I still get breakouts at least twice a week, though it was better than before.<br/>I started using Dove as a body soap only about two weeks ago and used it also on my face since I ran out of Cetaphil. Since I started using it, my skin got lighter and the acne scars went lighter. I never had a breakout for a week already.<br/>I will continue to use the product and see if Dove will be the answer to my acne problem. I have tried other soaps and spot acne medication but none worked. I even went to a dermatologist and used their product but after I was off of it, my acne came back.