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on 22/05/2011
The cover was really good in alot of light shining in my face but like going to school it looked very cakey & was soo bad for my skin.
on 22/05/2011
I didn't like this product at all. The powder foundation was better. = /
on 22/05/2011
I mainly used the lemons to fade away my scars & lighten up my skin & boy, did it work fabulously! Everyone complimented on my skin and boosted up my self-esteem! It didn't do anything for my pimples but thats ok. The scars was what mattered.
on 22/05/2011
I use this with the Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment & it's great! This would dry up my skin in applied areas. But the clean & clear wouldnt. Also, since ClearZit had Benzoyl Peroxide & the Clean & Clear had Salicyic Acid, the two worked amazingly! Try it!
on 22/05/2011
Very good product although i wish<br/>it was cheaper. It never made me breakout really badly.
on 22/05/2011
I use this and the ACNE SPOT TREATMENT and they're my two favorite acne products. Nothing ever worked for me but these 2 products. It smells really weird but its worth it. I used to have like 100 small little pimples on my forehead but they were gone in a WEEK! Love this!
on 22/05/2011
I loved it! All my acne was gone in about 1 week and a half. It never dried up my skin & prevented acne from popping up. This seemed like the only product that would work for me too! The only thing i had left to deal with after using the product were my acne scars!
on 22/05/2011
I loved this! It does work for me but it did<br/>dry up my skin even though i have oily skin. So i only use it every 3 days. I recommend it!
on 22/05/2011
It did work for me. But just on my pimples.<br/>I have been struggling since 12 years old.<br/>I now have scars but i use this just for pimples.