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on 25/06/2011
I was on DKR regimen for about 9 weeks. my acne cleared up, it was amazing, i thought this bp was the sh*t! (as in being good.)<br/>but the side effects sadly outweighed the pros.. my young skin turned into this horrible texture thats between leathery and fish scaley? it was disgusting, i looked about 57..and it sucked where the BP gave me so many redmarks i am COVERED in redmarks and ice pick scars..i'm the type of person where i would do ANYTHING for clear skin, but being on the bp made my face so damn tight i could not SMILE FOR WEEKS, it was hard to eat, i became depressed. the flakiness was UNBAREABLE. my chin looked like a moustache with the countless number of flakes. don't get me wrong, i used jojoba oil, i used moisterizer, yet the flakes still came. i tried everything with this bp and the DKR regimen...using less then slowly adding more, then using less, and the side effects were so HORRIBLE i HADDD HAD HAD to quit this regimen.... about a day after stopping the BP my skin looked fantastic, i was beginning to have my life back!....but then not using the regimen and BP, my skin broke out horribly, it's at it's worst currently..i am so hopeless i have no choices left but Accutane. My journey is just beginning with Accutane, I hope i'm not let down (I know I won't be.)<br/>My word of advice, Please. Please do not use BP it will screw your skin up, please i don't want anyone to go through the hell I had to go through. Do some research on Accutane, it will save your motherf**king life.
on 21/06/2011
Congrats if this worked for you. But I had hope. I had hope that this product would work. I was at my lowest when I tried this product. I gave this product multiple chances. Dissapointed me every time. I am now SOO broken out from using sh*tty products like this, that I have to go on Accutane.<br/>Thanks a lot F**K YOU QUEEN HELENE.
on 04/05/2011
Since I HATE my acne i got an esthatician, and she reccommended i should get a chemical peel for my acne and scars. i was super excited, and it wasn't cheap for my mom, so i thought it HAD to work. I've never been more dissapointed or ripped off. this was a total scam. it didnt do ANYTHING for me, except give me unbareably dry skin (which was completley embarresting to goto school like that..)<br/>i literally cried the day after the peel. i guess i just had my hopes up too high...<br/>i'm just a teenager!