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Saved my life
on 09/01/2014
I've had acne my whole life and when I hit my late 20's it got bad, cystic acne bad. Spironolactone is the ONLY thing that has ever kept me clear long term. I also don't eat junk food or eat wheat, gluten and really any kind of grain which I know helps.<br/>I waited until enough time has passed that I could be 100% totally sure this works before I wrote a review and now I can positively say it works. I've been completely clear for 8 months now. However, I've been on it for about 1.5 years. It took 8 months, almost 9 for it to really work so if you get on it you might have to be patient. But once you get clear all the waiting is worth it and you won't care, you'll just be happy it worked. I'm so glad I tried this before accutane. Highly recommend it. I take 150mg/day, but originally started out at 75mg and after crying in my Dr's office about my skin, I got her to up my scrip to 150mg. I probably wasn't on the full dose of 150mg until about 3 months in.