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on 03/05/2011
I have just finished a 7-treatment glycolic peel cycle using first 40% glycolic acid and then 50% (my back skin is not very sensitive).<br/>First a little background: I have moderate to somewhat severe bacne. I have tried retin-a, antibiotics and bp, the first two where rather useless and though bp worked rather well it bleaches everything so I had to stop. Also I've tried some "home remedies" like Head and shoulders and a non dairy diet, which again, didn't work. The only time I've been acne free is during my pregnancies. I get better during the summer months and worse in the winter.<br/>For the first three weeks I did just peels, plus a routine of salicylic acid toner and a mild lactic acid cream. My back got better, but I could kinda tell from experience that is wasn't going to work completely. So I added an aha-cream as per Dan's bacne regime. Now I'm on my 4th week of that combo and my back is considerably better. Just a few small pimples. Of course the back still looks like a mess due to all the scars and crusts, but when I touch my skin it feels much smoother. For me this is a very big deal since I've struggled with bacne for almost 20 years, and it has gotten worse and worse.<br/>After starting aha-treatments my skin looks the best it has in years. And I feel confident that if I can keep up with this regime I will have pretty decent looking back for the most parts. But it will take some dedication