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on 29/03/2011
I really do like this medication. I really didn't want to go on it at first since I hate swallowing pills but I'm glad I did. I get painful cysts and nodules on random spots on my face and this medication helped lower that number. Now I get fewer painful bumps though this product isn't a magic pill I still get pustules and my pores are still clogged. I do get nodules whenever my time of the month comes around but most of the time they are a lot smaller so long as I don't pick at them. As far as eating before is concerned I normally take these right before I shower and haven't experienced throwing up or anything like that. But I would just make sure you have eaten dinner before hand and have a little something in your stomach. It may just be that I hate swallowing pills but if I don't take the pills ( I use to take 50mg now I take 100mg) with a good amount of water I feel the pill in my throat which makes for an awful nights sleep. My mother has buys it for me but with insurance it costs $5. Reading online it says that without insurance it costs 30 dollars. This is very good for people who have moderate acne like me.