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on 23/06/2011
Don't use this peel for acne. If acne is your concern do salicylic peels. However if hyperpigmentation is a problem, lactic peels are amazing. After only two at home peels my red marks have improved by at least 30%. The strength is 40% and I use it every 5 days.
on 16/04/2011
My dermatologist told me to buy this to combat the dryness and peeling of a benzoyl peroxide wash. My skin starts to flake again at last period of school but other than that it works really good.
on 25/03/2011
Used this for a few weeks. It didn't make my acne any worse or any better. Didn't do anything for me in which I was disappointed because i've heard nothing but good reviews from this.
on 22/03/2011
Within a month of taking this i've been feeling really depressed and out of body out of mind. I've been diagnosed with psychosis thanks to this. Also it blinded me for a little over a week and i was so scared that I was blind, you have no idea. DON'T try this, it's not worth it.