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on 02/07/2011
I'm on Epiduo(topical) right now for my acne so I needed something that wouldn't irritate my skin and leave it moisturized. This cleanser is perfect! It leaves my skin supple,soft and is clearing my acne! Don't waste your money on expensive cleansers that'll irritate the skin. Keep it simple. Best cleanser I've tried...really gentle. Lasts a long time.
on 02/07/2011
I no longer use this product because I'm on Epiduo and don't want to dry my face out anymore than it is! I used this once as a cleanser and it seemed to work fine,left me feeling very clean. I used it as a mask about once a week. I'd slather on a thick layer on my entire face. The tingly,cool effect feels great on my skin...feels like its sinking deep into the pores and lifting the junk. However,when I wash off the mask I am left with skin that look sunburned for up to an hour. This does reduce my pimples all around and leaves it looking and feeling smoother. A bit irritating,use only once a week.
on 18/05/2011
I use this once a week as a mask. I first put a pore strip on my nose then take a cotton pad and put this over my entire face. I wait for it to completely dry(so I dont put that thick of a layer on). Its a bit itchy drying,not gonna lie. When I rinse it off you can already see a HUGE improvement. My acne scars fade a little and pores are teeny weeny! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth and matte looking! My big pimples as well as my little ones are reduced. Love this product! oh btw..first couple times of using this i thought it broke me out but it was the cleanser i was using
on 20/03/2011
I love this mask! I use it every week and it helps control my shiny skin. It seems to all around give my skin a smoother look,the pimples are flatter. If I have a whitehead I use this as a spot treatment and it drys it out pretty well. I found if you leave it on longer than it says,it works yup!
on 20/03/2011
Love it! I use this over my entire forehead and spot it on around my mouth and chin. It looks really beautiful and NATURAL on. It could cover a bit more but its buildable. I like the smell and the texture is kinda velvety. It gives my skin a nice glow and it seems to have improved my texture(as the bottle said it would). Also works well over flaky pimples and skin. Overall great product
on 20/03/2011
This stuff covers pretty well but it magnifies every teeny tiny line and pore on your face(keep in my im only 15 and dont have many lines). This stuff looks beautiful if you stand a couple feet away but horrific up close. It cakes up and doesnt look natural,also my skin looks like an oil slick after an hour. Save yourself the money,dont buy it...even if youre perfect skinned.
on 20/03/2011
Whenever I get a whitehead, I feel so compelled to just pop that sucker! When I do,immedietly right after I put some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad and dab it on the pimple. In a couple of mins the pimple is already a scab and much smaller,then it heals quickly. Pimple is almost gone the next day. Stuff works like a charm!