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on 27/02/2011
On a recommendation, I was actually using this for some mild-to-moderate Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms. I was originally looking for LacHydrin, though I heard from others that no real results were achieved with LacHydrin for KP. Too date, I have not seen any change whatsoever. I have also applied to my legs when they get dry & I didn't notice anything miraculous about AmLactin in comparison to other lotions I have used.<br/>If you are seeking a lotion for dry skin, you may want to experiment with other lotions or see Paula Begoun's reviews of body lotions and body washes. I am still looking for a good remedy for KP at the present time.
on 27/02/2011
I think this product may work for some people, particularly those who have inflamed acne that is not too severe aka "the pizza face"- red inflamed zits all over the face, and especially for those who maybe going through a *temporary* hormonal phase. I have known people who have sworn by this product and they fit the acne profile that I just described.<br/>I on the other hand, had big cysts, and I had both inflamed & non-inflamed acne, and it was a chronic problem, so this product didn't even make a dent for me. I imagine over time this product (like most acne products) will lose its potency for those with more severe, persistent acne. One size does not fit all.<br/>Sans shipping fee, I did a full refund.