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on 10/04/2012
I bought this peel over ebay. Its a pretty reasonable price. I use to go to make-over salons and get these peels done for about $100.00 CDN now I do them at home myself with this product. I apply once every 2 weeks and leave on over night. My face has cleared up dramatically !
on 10/04/2012
I have been using this scrub for over 6 yrs I was surprised I had to add it on this site! I use it every night before bed. Its amazing
on 10/04/2012
I have been using this producr for about 4 months now, in the morning, and its great! I feel like its helped clear all the scars and marks on my face.
on 10/04/2012
I have went years without using a moisturizer. I decided to give this one a shot about 4 months ago, and it is working wonders for me. I use it in the morning and at night and if I happen to shower during the day. Its amazing!