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  1. Life after acne

    If you're not looking for vitamins or pill then I really don't know.. You really can't fight biology. However, you may be able to experiment to see if what you eat two weeks before your period affects the outcome? People talk gluten free, insulin resistance, low carb etc. as a way to control hormone fluctuations therefore indirectly control break outs. May be worth a try
  2. Severe acne help

    Probably not until you are out of the wild hormonal teenage years into your mid twenties where you're done growing and things tend to settle down hormone wise.
  3. Life after acne

    I would say that's partially true. The intensity of break outs are definitely not what they used to be in my late teen to very early 20's. It seemed then like once a few popped up within a week or more its like there was a rebellion that would spread to the other side of my face or back or scalp. Not sure why. But there was a point at which it started becoming under control and a period i had no breakouts at all for a long time, but it does come back now and again but nothing nothing in comparison to before. So while some may say it doesn't return I'm going to vouch for more of a conservative answer by saying it may come back but nothing like before.
  4. You are right to believe physical attraction does matter to a degree that is relevant for each of us is uniquely independent however. I'd say it true for me on a first impression basis never having met someone before until that point. Expectations are high on- many levels. I find this a bit different if both of you know each other on more so daily-weekly basis and decide to go out together. Those expectations are sort of less there's less anxiety. So, yes now the big moment is here what to do besides lose your mind and overly obsess about this issue of yours? Well if you can treat it like a pimple with BP or SA I'd say go for it in a non panic manner (don't apply it every hour of the day in hopes of "speeding recovery") then go for it. Secondly, most importantly aside from looks and physical attraction. Females are attracted to confidence. Not bad boy arrogance or type-A idiot. Actual confidence in your self and presentation not showing you are insecure and fragile. Be confident, bold, strong, yourself... this ones huge. Whatever this person knows you for be that and let the other stuff flow naturally when you see where you are alike. This will get your mind of you and she won't question your looks. Interesting thing about being yourself. It really is the best thing to do. I am social. Very talkative. When i met what would be my girlfriend today that's what she admired most when we first met from an online site because shes an active listener that loves to listen. From there we learned we have much the same interests and views. Often now she just says nothing while i talk my head off when were driving or sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Because that's what she likes. Just be you.
  5. My Elimination Diet Trial | Log

    I find Zinc Orotate better for absorption and effectiveness then gluconate. The brand I buy only comes in ~9 mg tabs though i take 3-4 daily sometimes twice daily. I find it less harsh on the stomach than a larger tab especially if you haven't ate. Best a few hours after eating though if you avoid calcium/iron rich foods you can take it with food. I take cetirizine when i see or feel like breakouts are coming post clean shave (like 1-3 days later) i find it helps with the inflammation response not greatly but a bit. Fructose from fruit always gets me so i avoid most fruit but eat my weight in veggies. Interesting log i will follow