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on 12/06/2013
I grew up with acne that essentially controlled my life. It made me self-conscious all the time, to the point where I would skip school because of it--often. I started my 5 month course in January of 2013 because, entering my last semester of college, I just couldn't take it anymore. I had active legions--fewer and fewer every week, mind you--up until about the 3 1/2 month mark. Worse, I had an awful initial breakout. I looked like I did when I was 17. But now over 5 months later, after a series of pillowcases ruined by bleeding lips and skin so red it looked like I was perpetually embarrassed, my skin is completely clear--minus some hyperpigmentation. It's something you have to commit to. The initial break out period can last a while and be discouraging, it's expensive, it will increase depressed feelings, it will dry your lips and skin out a lot. But it works. Taking it and sticking to it was hard, but now that it's over I haven't felt this happy since I can remember.