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on 28/04/2011
I'm 25 and have been an acne sufferer for a few years now. I decided to use Arbonne's clear advantage system after a course of Accutane which cleared my skin up dramatically. Arbonne for me is to maintain the little acne that I do get from time to time, and prevent new pimples from coming in. So far, I've been on it for a few months now and it has done just that. It definitely keeps my acne under control. My acne is not worse or better, but it's definitely maintained.<br/>Clear advantage leaves my skin feeling really smooth and soft, and it shrinks the pores as well. It also helps in flattening the pimples that are already formed on the surface of the skin. My skin looks healthier and has a nice healthy glow to it.<br/>I recommend this system to those who are looking to maintain their acne rather than cure it. Good luck to all!
on 28/04/2011
I am a 25 year old acne sufferer, and after trying out every topical cream, face wash and medication for acne with continuous failures, I decided to use Accutane. I was afraid to, because of all the negative hype about the drug. It was definitely my last resort. I am so glad that I went on it. I didn't have any major side effects, I did not have an initial break out, and my skin began clearing up within a month of taking the pill. I was on it for 7 months on 60 MG, and now, 3 months after Accutane, my skin is still glowing and beautiful with a few tiny pimples here and there (Mostly monthly/hormonal pimples that clear up the next day) But nothing even noticeable.<br/>Other benefits of the drug are that my pores shrunk drastically, my skin is so much smoother than its ever been, and the scars have pretty much disappeared. I can walk outside without an ounce of make up on and I feel BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope my skin continues to stay this way, and I recommend Accutane for anyone who has tried it all and wants to give up.<br/>Best wishes to all on your journey to getting healthier skin!