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on 04/02/2011
Patients undergoing treatment need to be prepared for the long term management of their acne. There is no quick fix. As the treatment progresses you will see improvements, but the nature of the disease means that things will change (for better or worse) according to hormones, stressful events etc. This is something that we cannot control. However the N-Lite can control the outbreaks and keep them to a minimum therefore preventing the long term after effects such as pitted scarring and pigmentation.<br/>The vast majority of patients achieve good results & are happy with the treatment. But not every patient will respond in the same way. For most patients acne will disappear or improve considerably after just 3 sessions, while other patients will require more. It is difficult to predict in advance. With regards to products (creams and serum), they are utilised to support the treatment and many of our patients get an accelerated impact of the treatment and maintain results by using those products. It is unfortunate that the creams didn’t work in your case, but this does not mean that they are useless per se, as for most patients they can make a significant difference. Once again, unfortunately not for every patient.<br/>The Private Clinic performs the highest number of Nlite treatments in the UK and we keep promoting it because NLite is still recommended across Europe by top Dermatologists as the first line in acne management.<br/>As the treatment had been successful in your case, we would welcome the opportunity to support you in your further treatments, should you decide to do so. If so, please don’t hesitate contact me at enquiries@[link removed] with your email or telephone number and I will be happy to call you.<br/>Kindest regards, Rachel Ford, Regional Manager