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Not to sure...
on 23/01/2014
This was my first birth control. I'm 23 years old now, I was 18 when i started and stopped after a year or half a year. I can't remember. But I do remember this birth control was good because it stopped my acne on my face right away from starting it, it didn't get me pregnant. Great right? Wrong. In the summer time, I started to get acne all over my back and chest, even my face. but very very small pimples and only when I was in direct sunlight. (Swimming, even with or without sunscreen. walking outside.) It was like my skin couldn't breathe! so all these mini pimples would scatter all over my chest and back. my face had larger ones and I would have horrible headaches and cramps when my period came. I also was very bitchy. so angry about nothing, then emotional when my period was about to start.(for example. i'll be pissed off and rage and then about an hour later i'll start to cry. then the next day my period would start) it didn't make my vagina dry though. so In the winter time I didn't get acne (the mini ones that would scatter all over my chest and back like in the summer time). I recommending because it helped only in the winter times because the sun didn't affect me as badly as it did in the summer times. I guess because my skin wasn't exposed.
Just, No.
on 23/01/2014
I'm 23 years old and I tried Yaz for only 3 months because it made my mood swings with my S.O. really bad!<br/>I would get angry about everything, snap and yell about stupid little things. So I had to stopped the pill, it didn't help my acne at all. I also was very paranoid with Yaz from all the bad reviews but I tried it with a positive out look. but left with Negative results. only reason I tried it was because it was cheaper then Diane 35.
Not so Bad
on 23/01/2014
Lets see, I'm 23 years old. I've been taking Diane 35 for a year and a half now.. I think. Can't keep track because I've tried others too. I wanted a birth control pill that would help me out with not getting pregnant because Condoms Suck. So uncomfortable!! I also really needed something to help with my Acne. I stress out so much that my acne would attack my forehead and my chin. (little of my cheeks though.) So I tried Diane 35. It took about 2-3months before my face was finally clear and it stayed clear!! with only a random 1-2 pimples after my period probably due to the fact that once you finish the pack and go on your period, your not on the pill for 6-7days. So I would say Diane 35 worth the money. But I just recently (2months going on 3) stopped taking it, and my face has broken out and keeps on breaking out. (Forehead and chin) again. Great. I liked Diane 35 since, it stopped my acne,(back, ass, face, chest.) helped not get me pregnant, made my boobs bigger i use to be a C cup.(I dont really like bigger boobs. now I'm a D cup or a DD cup depending on stupid bras/stores), it also helped my mood swings a bit, I wasn't so Insane with my S.O. that's about it. the cons Acne came back full force once I stopped. the cost was why I stopped and I also stopped because my vagina was dry. (wasn't super dye) just dry enough that sex was really short.(My advice use lube, helps alot). I would get headache about 3-4 days before my period. I gained about 10pounds but I've come realize this is suppose to be my ideal weight at 23.(134) pounds if your wondering. before I went on the pill I was (121) um.... all in all this pill was great compared to the others I've tried.