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on 10/11/2015
My mom has been using this cold cream for years and has very sensitive skin. A lot of makeup and other cleansing products dry out her skin or give her really bad allergic reactions. I decided to give it a try about a year ago and I love it! I use it to take off my makeup, as a mask treatment for dry/broken out skin. I breakout very easily from products and this has never broken me out despite it containing mineral oil. It smells like roses which i quite like actually. Leaves my skin soft, toned, hydrated, free of inflamed acne and blackheads.
on 19/03/2013
First, follow the instructions,you're only to leave it on for 10 mins and wash it off. If you have moderately severe acne like myself it will take a while to work but don't give up! It will cause an IB if you have moderately severe acne.Closed comedones are greatly improved while using this sulfur ointment.It works okay on cystic pimples but can also make dormant cysts come to surface.It got me clear once and I believe it can do it again!