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  1. Amazing. Perfect! That is exactly what I will do again. Instead of Antibiotic, I may opt in to use Silicone gel instead. or perhaps use Antibiotic, wait until it heals, and then straight to silicone gel.
  2. First of all, I would like to thank you for this thread. It has been extremely helpful. I am coming from this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/369652-bumpsscars-on-nose-inject-apple-cider-vinegar/ I was planning to do it again using ACV. I noticed that you've mentioned peels like gycolic. May I know why? Would peels like gycolic be enough to burn the outer scarred layer of the skin? Have you tested this or know anyone that tested it? My bumps are definitely less visible thanks to coristone shots, however, they are still very noticible. I am looking for what to do next.
  3. Bumps/Scars on nose: Inject Apple Cider Vinegar

    Please take look at this: https://www.realself.com/question/surrey-bc-possibility-treating-raised-acne-scars-nose and scroll down to "Related Content". They all have almost exactly the same issue as mine. My bumps look exactly the same as shown in the picture. They are bumps that has been left by cystic acne.
  4. Bumps/Scars on nose: Inject Apple Cider Vinegar

    Thanks again for your help. Could you please let me know how TCA Peel would help with the raised scar tissues? These are basically skin colored raised bumps. I'm assuming for it to work, I would need high % where it literally melts away top part of the skin, and reaches the scars. In which case, what % am I looking at to spot treat my raised scars? I basically just want to get rid of the raised part of my skin. Can't I use anything to just burn them down, where they heal back evenly.
  5. Bumps/Scars on nose: Inject Apple Cider Vinegar

    Would there be anything at all I could do at home? I've already went to several cosmetic surgeons and none of them were that helpful. The only thing that worked little was the steroid injections. Lamprobe/other laser things did not work at all. Also, doctors were very hesitant on doing anything laser due to my skin tone (brown), they stated that it may cause hypo-pigmentation. Could there be anything I can try for scar tissues on nose? TCA Peel/Cross? Scar Tissue reducing Oil? I really really hate these scar tissue bumps and would seriously like to do something about it. Thanks
  6. Hello, this is an update/addition to this previous thread: I still have these bumps (a lot lower though). I went to plastic surgeon and figured out these are scar tissues. Did a shave excision on few of them. They healed back up and were bumpy again. I did lamprobe but didn't really help. I did steroid injections and they helped smooth them them out a bit. However, they are still visible. I've had few good luck with Apple Cider Vinegar though. The bumps would be smaller every time I do it (apply a lot with qtip 3-5 days). The problem is, the bumps are so small, i always apply a lot to the surrounding skin and I can't reach deep enough (into the scars) when I apply it just using a qtip. So, my plan is to get a injection needle/syringes and inject tiny bit of apple cider vinegar right into to the scars. My thinking is that it will reach deep into the scars, scab, and fall out. Has anyone done this before? There are tons of google search on how ACV gets rid of warts and stuff. It worked for me with scar tissue bumps. However, it never got rid of it fully since it never reached deep enough using the classic apply with qtip method.