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  1. Scar Treatment Help

    I don't think so, TCA cross is usually spot treated at 70-100%. A 40% TCA peel won't raise ice picks. Your scars aren't bad at all, don't know why the doctor made out that they are that severe and untreatable? Either way, you will have options. Good luck!!
  2. Hypopigmentation - loss of skin colour

    I also have lots of hypopigmented scars on my body and from what I've read that it's extremely unlikely for pigment to return and extremely difficult to treat it... From memory there is a potential for improvement with something like: - Vitiligo treatment - Permanent tattooing - Semi-permanent makeup Even natural remedies like ginger have had some potential success stories... Also a quick Google mentions other things http://www.siliconeforscars.com/natural-and-medical-treatment-options-for-white-scars/
  3. How to treat my scars

    I've had wrinkles since I was 14 and have been considering Botox since I was 18, I wish I was included in that study!!
  4. How to treat my scars

    Personally, I have got more from this forum than I have from actual dermatologists and doctors, who either say nothing can help scarring or try to push a one size fits all laser...
  5. " Has a variety of purposes in cosmetics. It acts as an anti-foaming agent, astringent, antimicrobial agent, and a solvent. It also helps deliver the active ingredients of a product. Almost every type of skincare product lists it as an ingredient, particularly those specifically designed to treat acne. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel has ruled it safe, claiming that the dermal application of skin products would not produce harmful exposure to ethyl alcohol. However, those with dry skin may want to avoid using this ingredient, as alcohol does have a tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils. With that in mind, it may be very useful for anyone wishing to treat acne or oily skin." From Truth in Aging
  6. Best place to buy TCA peels in UK?

    Nothing comes up for me under "dermedik TCA" or "TCA" at all in fact for any seller, have they been banned from eBay?
  7. Best place to buy TCA peels in UK?

    Yes this. MUAC always.
  8. Nothing is working!

    Ok thanks, I won't do high vitamin A and will ask about low dose, intermittent Accutane The doctor was very nice, seemed to know what he was talking about and didn't push laser, in fact said he's retired his CO2 laser. He said my scarring isn't severe and that it will be a slow process compared to someone with more severe scarring getting a noticeable result more quickly. He recommended either Infini or Tixel (for surface issues), or to alternate. Agreed that I didn't seem to have any tethered scarring apart from maybe one, and when I asked about filler he didn't really see an issue apart from very mildly under my eyes, and said Infini will improve my volume anyway (?). So I'm booked in to have Infini done in a few weeks! I still have my appointment with the dermatologist soon and will get one more opinion on subcision and filler.
  9. Nothing is working!

    You're right! It's taking me a while to really build up but I get there a little more with each peel. The next will be the strongest one yet! Ok I've got a consultation tomorrow with a doctor at the clinic where I plan to get Infini done, as I e-mailed about filler and they wanted to see me in person again. Though to be honest you can only really see any areas of fat loss from unflattering angles in certain lighting so it doesn't bother me much. Plus I am scared about the risk of blindness, however tiny lol. I also have a consultation coming up with the dermatologist where I had CO2 before. Hope they don't try to push laser again, they already said in the e-mail that I didn't finish the course of 3... From what I can tell, I'm not likely to go from 0% improvement after the first one, to a good result after three of them... It has seemingly made things worse anyway. Although the PS said my scars weren't really tethered (is it relevant to mention that the lighting in his office was poor, which he said himself?) so didn't think subcision would benefit me at all I feel like I WANT to have it done anyway :S annoyingly they don't do anything just on my request... Following these appointments I will then use my derminator for the first time depending on if/when I book Infini or another treatment! I bought the suction device too, though without subcision is there any point in using it? And also while I consider Accutane again, I've decided to try relatively high doses of Vitamin A supplements (not as high as some I've seen on here, but just something to trial).
  10. Acne is so bad I don't want to leave house

    If you really want to see improvements you NEED to change your diet! Same with me, McDonalds, pizza, fizzy sugary drinks, sweets, processed foods... And now I'm breaking out... But I can change it if I eat clean.
  11. I can't be certain, but I went on Accutane for a few weeks when I was 14 (10 years ago) without getting to finish it, and then a full course when I was 18. It has definitely got worse over the past few years but started having depressive like symptoms when I was 14/15 which never went away. I came off it 6 years ago. I don't know if it's related to Accutane though.
  12. I wouldn't know where to start in this topic with so many posts, but I also feel brain dead, no libido, constant brain fog and anhedonia. Where would you recommend someone starts trying to improve this? It's been years. I feel stupid and can't do ANYTHING anymore! I even have to keep reminding myself of my age.
  13. Asking for advice, depressed

    I can see a few scars. The scarring is mild but it is there. I'm viewing on a large monitor, I probably wouldn't be able to see them on a smaller screen or mobile. There appears to be an area of very shallow rolling scars on the left of the photo (where the shadowing is) and shallow boxcars scattered around.
  14. Tethered nodules after subcision

    Can you post a photo? It's difficult to advise without.
  15. Please, any suggestions for scar between eyebrows

    Creams won't fill in an indent, perhaps a 1.5mm dermastamp would help it somewhat (what do you think @beautifulambition?)
  16. Scarless Healing

    You are getting way ahead of yourself. Let's wait till it works on humans. I'm pretty much in the same position as you. There are entire areas of my back and shoulders that need to be excised due to my acne cysts leaving me with small raised white scars. It's good to set aside some money for such a procedure but be cautious. Sometimes, things are just to good to be true. My back is also covered in small white raised scars
  17. Asking for advice, depressed

    I agree. There are probably ways to improve them somewhat, but your skin honestly seems great and they don't detract from the overall quality at all. Someone should be along to advise on treatment though if you did want to pursue that.
  18. Nothing is working!

    Yeah I regret the dermaroller. Has been about 2 years since I last did one. Never again! Derminator for me now. The peels stung a lot but nothing eye watering. Next peel I'm going in! Thanks! Noted thanks will only needle between this peel and the next strong one. I wish I knew before I reached the last of my TCA haha
  19. Please, any suggestions for scar between eyebrows

    That vertical shadow directly in the middle of your eyebrows? Are you sure it's a scar as it looks like a crease/frown line? Can you take a photo in different lighting?
  20. Nothing is working!

    Thanks My derminator just arrived! I finished peeling a week ago, will start using it within the next couple of weeks!
  21. Nothing is working!

    Results take up to 2 weeks to become apparent. Will update if it does. For £200 it better lol @UpliftingCat oh wow! When parts went white I panicked thinking "is this too much?" but it's actually mild and superficial? No wonder I got nothing. I did single layer because the instructions said not to double layer but I guess they're just being overly cautious. Definitely doing it differently next time. Even if it frosts on the first layer are you saying I should / can do another layer on top of that? Probably also explains why, although I wrinkled and peeled, it was a thin layer all over and I didn't get any browning or heavy sheets like in the tutorials I watched. I still have numbing cream from my old dermaroller, would it be wise to use it next time and just bite the bullet? Or not a good idea if I need to feel how painful it is?
  22. Deep acne scars

    TCA cross is useful for icepick scars. The OP seems to have boxcars and rolling scars. That's true but the quote is referring to an experiment on a boxcar, there seems to be results
  23. Nothing is working!

    It's supposed to say maximum 3.5 Yeah I thought so
  24. Nothing is working!

    A London clinic posted on their site "more effective than traditional RF: Infini uses microneedles with a minimum depth of 3.5mm" MINIMUM of 3.5?
  25. Nothing is working!

    Yeah I did a LOT of dermarolling. It seemed like a miracle scar treatment with little downtime back when I was doing it a few years ago so I just did it as much as possible and thought it would work wonders. Ehh The derminator seems promising though... Btw this is what my frosting looked like last peel, the cheeks frosted a little bit more than what the photo suggests - too little, too much?