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  2. I spent months clearing my skin up to go abroad and I had no active spots a few days ago, but the next day I woke up with my back (and some of my chest) COVERED in angry red spots. I had a Turkish bath with exfoliation which may have triggered it but seems a really severe reaction?!

    How can I get rid of these all over again? :( 

  3. More Than a Month
  4. Had acne for ~12 years.

    My face acne responds well to diet and an antibacterial face wash since Accutane (worked for 2 years then all came back), but my body acne has been impossible to clear up. I've tried cleaner eating (worked for face), Quinoderm antibacterial wash, benzoyl peroxide, TCA on my body, changing pillows multiple times a week... Didn't work.

    I saw people mention applying H&S to their body and just leaving it, thought I'd try it as it's cheap and unbelievably it's worked for me!! All that's left are red marks which will fade, no active acne. 

    They say it's specifically the Head & Shoulders classic clean one, nothing else.

    Be careful though, after applying it every night for a week or so, it started to burn and make me really sensitive.

    I also took zinc picolinate and Vitamin A... but I wouldn't recommend higher doses of Vitamin A as I don't think it did anything other than give me toxicity symptoms aka vision blurriness! 

  5. I've been reading about so many diets but I don't know which one seems best for acne AND potential autoimmune conditions such as underactive thyroid/adrenal...

    But it's SO much to take in and I don't know which condition I'm trying to treat! Thoughts? Anyone tried any of the above? 

    I want to reverse this chronic fatigue, brain fog and get my memory and libido back...

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