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on 02/08/2011
I rated my acne as severe, but before I used this is was light. I wanted to treat my light acne and thought salicylic acid would help me. I really don't want to sound dramatic, but this ruined by skin and my life for a long time. After I finally realized these products were contributing to the most insane breakout of my life, it was already too late and I had (not exagerating) about 40 painful, inflamed red cysts on my face. I don't know if I am allergic to BHA, that could be the reason why this happened to me. It took me 6 months on the DKR to repair the damage that these products did to my skin. I trust Avon, my mom's an Avon lady and I love their products so I was sure this would help me.. Biggest mistake of my life.
on 02/08/2011
If you have dry, oily skin or acne-prone skin, this is a no go. It makes any dry skin super noticeable. Otherwise, it has awesome coverage, it's cheap for the amount of uses you get out of one tub, and it goes on very nicely. Also, it's not labeled as "non-comedogenic" but most of the ingredients are.
on 02/08/2011
I don't recommend it. It's supposed to be for extra dry skin, which I have, but it didn't moisturize it any more then a regular moisturizer would. It felt like my skin was on FIRE for about 30 mins after I applied it. Made my skin super red. Definitely a waste of money.
on 31/07/2011
Love this cleanser. I've used it on and off for the past couple of years. Doesn't dry out your skin like most cleansers. Great for dry skin while on the Regimen. Really does "calm" your face. Def recommended! Maybe a tiiiny bit pricey but if you buy it at Walmart it's only 10 bucks and will last you about 2 months.
on 22/05/2011
Best moisturizer I've found while on the regimen! Leaves a matte finish, so if you have oily skin this may be better then other moisturizers. If you have super dry skin, this might not be moisturizing enough but otherwise, it's awesome. Wish there was SPF though!
on 28/03/2011
BEST BP AVAILABLE! It is taking care of my once moderate acne. I am 80% clear after 3 months, it has changed my life and my self-esteem! Trust this product!
on 28/03/2011
Worst moisturizer I've ever used. My face was very dry but I kept on using it, applied more and more to take care of the dryness but just ended up looking like a lemon. If you accidentally rub your face on your clothes or anything, it will turn yellow. Did not hydrate one bit, dries yellow. If you have any flakes, it will dye them yellow. Bottom line, does nothing for your skin besides, once again, making it yellow. Bring back the old moisturizer pleeeease!
on 28/03/2011
I love this cleanser. I went to my aunt's for a week and she had it so I tried it out. I love how it's like a gel, so it goes on smoothly and feels refreshing. Didn't dry out my skin one bit, and my face didn't feel tight after like it usually does with Dan's cleanser. Bottom line, loved it! I am buying this as soon as I run out of Dan's cleanser / if it ever goes on sale lol.