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on 08/12/2010
My face became rough because this product over dried my face (there was no oil or even a drop of moisture remaining on my face) and because it formed many new acnes (even in places on my face where I wouldnt get acne).<br/>I tried using even a small amount like the size of a pea to wash my face, but this product was still too strong for my skin to handle.
on 08/12/2010
If your using this as a cleanser it will clean your face but wont clear it. Ive also tried this product as a mask, but wouldnt recommend it, because it over dries your face the next day (i applied it at night usually) and burns and reddens skin.
on 08/12/2010
I wish I could rave about this product like everyone else, but I honestly feel like every time I used this product that I was washing my face in lotion. Then I thought maybe I actually bought the lotion bottle instead and was using that instead of the cleanser, but no I DID buy the cleanser product.<br/>My face broke out , like pretty BADLY!!!! and I told myself I would never, NEVER ever use any cetaphil product again... that is until my friend gave me the bar soap of Cetaphil version of the gentle cleanser to try for free... OMG THAT stuff worked. I Love, LOVE the Cetaphil gentle cleanser BAR SOAP soooo much!!! and that product actually made my skin clear up drastically in 2 days (read my review if interested).. so if this product doesnt work for you, then go try the bar soap instead.
on 07/12/2010
this product causes your skin cells to turnover so it basically is trying to get all of the dirt and dead cells to resurface in order to have new skins cell to form so you get rid of scarring<br/>need to apply for weeks (over 1 month to notice some fading of acne and 2 months to see drastic fading where scars are almost gone then).. but got rid of my acne scars completely<br/>tugs my skin a bit so it looks as if i got like small strings pulling my skin in a botox kindof a way<br/>apply only at night
on 07/12/2010
has a light pleasant fragrance of chamomile<br/>moisturizes without breaking me out<br/>and protects your skin from the sun.<br/>white creamy lotion that goes on smoothly and is non-greasy<br/>and it is NON-comedogenic!!! (wont clog pores)
on 02/12/2010
OMG I am stocking up on this soap. I would give it 5 stars if it could remove all of my makeup as well, but I would really give it a 4.5