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on 29/11/2010
Instead of using a clean towel, I change my pillow case every night. I started doing this because of allergies, but it helps with acne too. Every day skin cells, bacteria, allergens, etc are building up on your pillow. Just change the pillow case or towel or a big t-shirt on it and it makes a huge difference! Instead of waking up all puffy eyed and exhausted, my eyes are clear and I feel much better. When we get a new bed set, we just save the old mismatched pillow cases and I throw them in the washer and dryer during laundry. I even usually go a step further and have cheap fleece blankets that I use for near my face. It doesn't matter what's from my waist down (I keep a heavier comforter on my torso and legs), but I keep a fresh blanket near my face so I'm not rubbing it in a dirty blanket.
on 29/11/2010
I found this at my local health food store and decided to jump in feet first because I would really like to use all natural and especially organic products. I was extremely wary because it has some oils, like lemon peel. I was absolutely amazed at the difference it made in my skin. After just a week it looked like my skin was healing, but I didn't even know my skin was that bad. The citrus peel oils have an astringent quality, so my acne actually started clearing up. I found out that if I apply too much and just slather it on, it will cause breakouts but that's the case with any moisturizer. I only have to use a tiny bit and it works best if I put it onto a cotton ball first and then apply it so that I can apply it thin enough because of the consistency. I have also tried the Aloe and Papaya Facial Refresher, which is awesome, but haven't tried any face washes yet. I was shocked, especially considering the price. The MSRP is $6.41, but my store charges about $8.00. That's equal to or less than chemical drug store products! I'm totally sold.
on 29/11/2010
I absolutely love Dove Pink. I had countless prescriptions and over the counter products, but everything either didn't help or made it worse. On a whim, I tried the Dove Energy Glow bar, which was the best ever but it went off the market so I had to find something new. I like the pink bar better than the sensitive skin bar because the sensitive skin one has SLS - What?! Anyone with super sensitive skin, eczema, or an autoimmune disease may find SLS to be irritating and it can actually cause the acne or make it worse. I use this all over my face and body, and even on my scalp if I get some crazy build up that would normally require clarifying shampoo. It left my hair super soft and clean, but don't try it a second time in a row. The only cons are that you will still need a separate exfoliant, and it's not organic (but I don't think any of the products on this site are). When using my exfoliator, first I wash my face with Dove, then the exfoliator, and then the Dove again to remove the film from the exfoliator. It may sound like too much, but it works the best and isn't any more drying that way than any other acne products I have tried. I have used it for years with great results for both my acne and eczema. With Dove and birth control, my acne is light or non-existent instead of moderate to severe.
on 29/11/2010
I tried Loestrin for a year after Ortho, Yasmin, and Depo. It wasn't strong enough for me and I'm only about 5' 90 lbs. I had break through bleeding and more acne than on the stronger pills. I have found that mid-strength like Yasmin is the best, rather than super strong (Ortho) or too weak (Loestrin).
on 29/11/2010
This was my favorite prescription product. It's not as convenient that it has to be refrigerated, but it did give a nice cooling feeling on achy broken skin. I would have kept using it if my acne weren't so severe. I had acute cystic scarring acne all over my face, neck, chest, and back and it wasn't quite strong enough. I would recommend it for people with moderate acne and good health insurance.
on 29/11/2010
I was put on ortho when I was about 15 because I had severe cystic acne and nothing else had worked. It made me vomit so horrendously at night, that I would pull muscles in my back. I had constant terrible mood swings and other behavioral changes. It wasn't until after about 2 years another doctor put me on Yasmin. All birth control pills I have tried have cleared up acne, and when I told my (now) gyno that I had tried ortho and that it was terrible, he cringed and said that it was such a nasty drug. I would recommend Yasmin most of all, but it's really expensive so I switched and am having good results with Mononessa right now. I highly recommend birth control for hormonal acne, but NOT Ortho!!
on 29/11/2010
I have mixed feelings because it did save me from terrible scarring at my most vulnerable time - but at what cost? I had acute cystic scarring acne starting at age 12. I started Accutane about 13 and had to sign a contract, that my parent also had to sign, saying that I would not get pregnant because of the terrible birth defects. They said normally a girl would be required to be on birth control, but I was so young - that was just the beginning of mental stress. I could only take it for 6 months at a time with a 6 month break in between, but they said that I should be able to take it once and be cured for life. I had terrible internal feelings that I didn't really understand, but the first round wasn't THAT bad. It dried out my sinuses, so I would have nose bleeds in the middle of the night. I started acting out too. My acne was perfectly clear while I was on it though. One week after I stopped, the acne came right back so I had to spent the next 6 months dealing with the acne again. I was really wary about trying it for a second time ("just one more time"), but I was young and my parent and doctor said I should so I did. Big mistake. Sure, the acne was clear, but I was as unstable as ever. I felt like "I love my life, my friends, and my pets, everything is great" but then have this uncontrollable urge to stab myself or down a bottle of pills. It was like I didn't WANT to kill myself, but there was something inside of me saying "do it, do it." The nose bleeds got so bad that once in the shower I just saw blood streaming down my body and when I turned to the side it splattered across the shower wall. Then there was the time that blood just started oozing out of my ear in Biology class. I had a friend who took it and told me he had liver damage from it. Again, a week after I stopped a second time the acne came back. I refused to take it a third time and instead used 3 separate prescriptions to avoid 1 tiny Accutane pill a day.
on 29/11/2010
This products was so terrible that it made me swear off any sort of drug store toner or astringent for years! Like others have said, it made my face really shiny. It left a greasy film that made me break out worse. I kept reading the label over and over trying to figure out what on earth was in it that made it that way. I still don't know, but will avoid it at all costs.
on 29/11/2010
This is a great acne spot treatment and it really works. I recommend benzoyl peroxide over salicylic acid or SLS ten fold. I like that it can fit in your purse for emergency breakouts. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because it's only 5%, when there's a 10%! For someone with light or moderate acne this should work really well. I have cystic acne (mostly under control now), so when I break out I have to go for the bigger guns.
on 29/11/2010
I had to have one of my parents purchase this for me while I was in college because it was so expensive and nothing else was working. They are very secretive about their products, so I wanted to know what these magical products were that gave such good results (as seen on TV). It's nothing more than 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser with a very coarse exfoliator, a toner, and a moisturizer. You can find 10% benzoyl peroxide gel at the drug store for a fraction of the cost. The cleanser was so coarse that my skin started flaking off, and that's almost impossible to do because I have eczema with scales and need to exfoliate daily. I had to go down to once a day and then once every other day, but then the oil starts building up so I had to get another cleanser to use in between anyway. The toner did nothing at all, so I stopped using it between the cleanser and moisturizer. The moisturizer was too light for the really coarse exfoliant, so I would need to apply it, let it dry, and repeat 1-2 more times. The instructions said that your face had to COMPLETELY dry before going onto the next step, so I was spending about an hour on my face every day (30 minutes/2x day). If I could have bought just the moisturizer by itself, I would have but they only offered an expensive "subscription" plan where you have to buy everything and they will automatically deduct it from your credit card and ship it. No thank you! I have tried so many prescription and non-prescription products, and this is a major dud. A Dove pink beauty bar, St. Ive's apricot scrub, a light moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide gel will do better a job for probably 1/4-1/2 the cost.