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  1. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    3 weeks post accutane: Well its back was really hoping accutane was the answer for me but unfortunately I will have to keep trying to fight it. Very disheartening.
  2. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 52 (Week 22): Just took my last pill!! I currently have 0 spots on my face. Very happy to be done but also VERY nervous of relapsing like I did last time. Can't wait to stop being dry all the time. I will come back and update when there is something to update. Stay strong everyone
  3. Mild, persistent Acne, 27/M. Course 1 & 2 Logs

    Course 2, day 147 (Week 21): Currently have 2 small spots in the middle of my forehead that don't come to a head and will probably go away within the next few days. Still surprised i'm not clear. Last week was not fun as I had 2 larger spots that lingered a while. I only have a few more days left and I am not confident at all that I will be clear after this course but at least I will be done! Side effects are the same: dry lips, dry face, dry arms, dry everywhere pretty much. I will post pics when I am officially finished!