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  1. Throughout these last 12 years of having my acne/scars. I've learned one undeniable fact, people fucking suck. They've always sucked and they will always suck. Because people are nothing more then primitive animals that fancy themselves intellectuals. Normal people are dumb as shit and here I am forced to interact with these fools for the sake of living within this society. No I don't care about for fucking kids, where your from or what school you went to... please stop boring me to death with your meaningless bull shit about how your having relationship troubles again. No I don't want to participate in any stupid small talk even though I'm essentially forced to since I would otherwise lose my mind being here at work having to do the same shit over and over and over and over and over... I just hate the fact that it seems like my life has been filled with so much adversity, while everyone else's has been so carefree in comparison. They'll simply never understand just how trivial and insignificance their so called problems really are. What the vast majority of the world takes for granted, I am denied even that. Forced to play catch up at something ill probably never achieve, that being normalcy. For you see even if their was someway to completely erase any physical trace of my past battles with acne. The physiologic trauma would still all be there and that imo is the worst thing that this fucking disease can do to you. I have been singled out, shunned, ousted by my own God dame species. I have without doubt become an outsider a drifter, a loner, a misanthropic individual who no longer has any desire to reintegrate myself into this ego driven society. So here I am 24 year old me without a fucking clue as to what I want my life to be or how I want to live it. Do I play it safe and just follow the heard or do I stray from the pack in hopes of stumbling upon an adventure. Why does life feel so fucking scripted to me, why are we forced to strive for economic and social status. School, work death, that's basically everyone's life. With only the small details being any different from one another. Why can't I just play my video games and be left the hell alone. People are full of it, always talking up a good pile of manure. Sad thing is, I feel like for the last 12 years I've been lost and I'm now trying to find way way back, but I don't know what I'm going back to and even if I found myself again.. too much has happened for me to ever be that once carefree person full of wonder and imagination.
  2. Hi my name is albert and i know what your going through i myswlf went through something similar growing up as a teen. Im now 24 years old and still have my acne scars but no active acne. All i can tell you is to not harm yourself, adolescence is an extremely difficult time for many of us.... i want to give it to you straight ok as a realist. People WILL judge you and that isn't ever going to stop. To this day people still talk shit about me, but what's the difference? I'm beginning to learn how not to care, granted it's taken years but that really is all you can do. What other choice is there really, live your entire life in fear of others? Because unless your able to get rid of your acne and its traces, people will always point out your flaws. Life is about YOU and only you. In the end its you who has to learn to adapt to this situation, just know your not the only person who has. Sadly, modern medicine has yet to find a definitive cure for acne and the scars it produces. From what I've read over the years your best bet is Accutane or lazer treatment. Each with its own hosts of side effects and risks. Stay strong, school won't last forever once your in the adult world yes people will still judge but at that point your realize that people just simply never shut the fuck up and caring about them is beyond pointless/waste of time. Good luck and thanks for sharing your story.