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  1. I'm completely clear, but I have scarring and so I feel very self conscious without makeup on. I feel like I can't really go out without it on unless i'm sick. And scars don't go away. Not the kind I have.
  2. Life after acne

    You're skin is so clear omg. I know, and me from like two years ago would be yelling at me for being upset about this. But they're visible through makeup and I feel so ugly without makeup because of them. They're not worse than acne because they're static and acne felt like I had no control over my skin and it was unpredictable. But I can't do anything about these. My skin will literally never look better than this. This is as good as it gets.
  3. Life after acne

    or indentations. idk whatever you call them. they're more than just red marks! they're not that bad - they're just annoying. I tend to exaggerate these things in my head. that's what it looks like. It's like a handful of small scars but my perfectionist brain let it get to me. There's also a lot of hyper pigmentation mixed in.
  4. Life after acne

    me too - pits. And i can't afford to treat my scarring.
  5. Life after acne

    I'm like super obsessing over my scars right now. Even though they're not that bad. it bothers me that my skin isn't perfect and never can be.
  6. Makeup looking terrible on my skin

    I'd try a few things: 1. add in some sort of exfoliant? It looks like there's maybe some dead skin you need to get rid of that your foundation is clinging to 2. It looks really chalky - you probably use two much foundation in the first go -- it kinda looks like it's "caking". start with a small amount of foundation and really work it in to the skin and build up as needed in the spots you need it -- you don't need a thick layer everywhere. It helps if your foundation matches your skin really really well because then you can use it where need rather than thickly all over. also areas that lose some coverage won't be as apparent. 3. Use a lighter dusting of powder in just the areas you need (aka your nose) - that can also make foundation look a lot cakier.