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on 25/10/2010
I did not realize how much worse my skin could get until I tried home micro-dermabrasion. It was a tool and a little jar of cream with superfine crystals. It was a worse reaction than using a facial scrub. Since I had such a strong reaction to it I really cannot recommend it to anyone unless perhaps you do it under a doctor's care. My plastic surgeon says that the home kits are just too rough for people with active acne. I believe him.. I had worse dark marks and pimples after using this.<br/>There is no way to score zero, but if I could I would.
on 25/10/2010
This really only worked for me after the bad acne was treated. It helps to refine the skin texture and very slowly lighten some of the post inflammatory pigment problems.<br/>If you have mild hyper-pigmentation and acne this will work, but it will take take time. If your acne is moderately severe, it needs to be controlled before you can get a benefit from this problem.<br/>Being patient is hard, but the acne and scars did not get there overnight and neither will the results.
on 25/10/2010
I found this in T.J. Maxx when I was out of town and ran out of my Obagi cleanser. It is the 1.8% strength. I was initially not happy due to the dry lips/mouth issues. Then I started putting vaseline on my lips before washing and carefully avoided my lips. I use this with my Clarisonic brush and I have never been so happy. I started years ago with cystic acne. V.I. peels took me from severe to moderate acne. This took me from moderate hormonal related break outs to no breakouts at all!<br/>I told my plastic surgeon that I had switched cleansers and he is 100% behind it, even though I was buying the Obagi from his office. His words "every product in a line does not work for all people, keep using it if it is helping."<br/>I only paid $19.00 for this, but will look for it online. Even if I have to pay full price (around $32.00) it will be well worth it to keep these results going.
on 16/10/2010
I am a 43 yo black woman with lots of dark post breakout scars from cystic acne that I had since age 12. It decreased to moderate-severe only after 2 rounds of Accutane. For years I thought I was doomed to chronic acne. My self-esteem was the pits. I have tried many chemical peels, IPL, facials and OTC products, even luxury lines. I have been getting the V.I. Peel (not Vitalize) for almost a year. I have tried lots of chemical peels and OTC products. This is phenomenal! The sting/itch is bearable while being applied and fades very quickly. My esthetician pays special attention to my bad dark spots. After my 3rd peel a woman I know very slightly made a point to ask me what kind of skin care I was using. The results were that impressive.<br/>I would urge you to follow the instructions to the letter. Dr. Maguire has me to use prednisone cream with the moisturizing lotion for the first week to reduce inflammation and risk of addtional dark marks. I use the post peel pads and moisturizing lotion and let ABSOLUTELY no sun touch my face. without having on sunscreen. I also wear a hat.<br/>One note, don't sweat (work out/sauna etc) or else the peeling skin will bubble up early and really look weird, but it does not affect the peel. It does go away after a few hours.<br/>I go to Physician's Center for Beauty and my esthetician is Paula and she is terrific. The rest of the staff is very nice and professional. Dr. Maguire really takes his time to explain what you need to have done for your acne or other skin concerns and makes you feel very comfortable. Not at all like some doctors I have been to who made me feel like a whiner for being freaked out about my horrible cystic acne. They have never tried to sell me extra products that I do not need.<br/>I will never be without this medical staff. Even if the V.I. Peel does not work forever (nothing works forever!), I trust this staff to take good care of me and my skin problems<br/>A little