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REALISTIC Accutane Review
on 27/06/2013
My acne was very severe from an early age and when i was 16 i was referred by my doctor to a dermatologist. My derm was very keen to get me on accutane, but after reading the side affects i was quite reserved on the idea at first. But after a while i decided that i had no other option and i had a corse of accutane for 6 months. Now heres the point that everyone wants to know, Does it work? Obviously people react in different ways to medication so theres always going to be some variation in its results. However my conclusion is that accutane does work. It may not feel like it in the first place after having the initial breakouts but i can honestly say that it cleared my skin of acne. I still get the odd one now an again but no more than any one else. The major issue i had after finishing accutane was the hyperpigmentaion, which i still have today 2 years after finishing my accutane course. Granted it has faded massively since then but still it is there.<br/>To round up, if you have severe acne and have tried everything and you want to get rid of your acne for good, get on accutane. its a long long process but its worth it!!!!