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on 21/09/2010
Get over the taste and get addicted now! I started drinking one day and never looked back. Try and drink a min of 3 cups a day.
on 21/09/2010
It's worth a try - didn't work out for me since my hormones went insane, I went up 2 clothes sizes and about 3 cup sizes! Acne looked good tho :)
on 21/09/2010
It's cheap, effective and available over the counter. Use it long term and you can start to manage the dry skin. It's not a cure - it's just a treatment. I have recommended to many.
on 21/09/2010
I attended The Private Clinic in Manchester for 3 treatments, each time I asked that they increase the strength of the laser. The treatment isn't painful, but it is uncomfortable - feels a little like a pin being run over your face. Acne flares up after treatment but it is worth it! One month after my final laser-ing and I had clear skin. I have had the best 6/7 months - I haven't used any acne treatments and my skin stayed perfect. The only problem is that it has now come back :( and I need to find another £850 to fix it or find another treatment. I would recommend this treatment if you've tried all the medication and you've reached the end of the line with your useless GP who asks you why you're so bothered about 'a few spots'. I was 22 when I had the treatment and it was worth it!<br/>If you can find any other provider than The Private Clinic that offers N-Lite in the UK, go elsewhere! They were a complete sham. I won't go into detail but let's say that I attended the clinic 4 times in all, they never had my appointment correctly booked, the door was always faulty, and all in all I think I spent 2 hours waiting to be seen!!! And last but not least, don't waste extra money on the products they sell you - total waste of time!