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on 13/11/2011
I had been using the BP for a number of months, and although I had gotten reasonably clear, the BP wasn't getting me where I wanted to be. I came across this product because of some very favorable Amazon reviews, and since they were corroborated on this site and since I had used sulfur before, I decided to go ahead and get it.<br/>The jar was very reasonably priced, which was a plus right up front. I could easily imagine the jar lasting for 3-4 months, so it's a very good value for the price.<br/>That's about where the positives ended for me. The material's consistency was totally unexpected -- rubbing it around on my face was a huge challenge. Imagine rubbing a cold stick of butter into your skin -- that's what it felt like to me, anyway. Further, the product was extremely poor at absorbing -- 8 hours after application, it was still in a thick and sticky layer on my face.<br/>There was also tremendous initial irritation for a few days early on in the process. For those of you who use BP, you'll remember turning as red as a lobster and losing basically a faceful of skin in the form of flakes. It was the same for me with this product, probably even worse than BP was, if anything.<br/>I might have stuck with this product longer had it been the miracle treatment some have suggested that it is, but it certainly wasn't so for me. In fact, my skin probably got a little bit worse in the week that I used it. Whether it's the product's ineffectiveness, or an initial breakout from the product, or a breakout from reducing my usage of BP (I used it several times during that week but not on a regular basis like I had previously), I'm not sure.<br/>Bottom line: it's cheap, so go ahead and try it if you can. If it works well for you, it's great value. However, it didn't for me -- so some dampening of the "clear in a day with this product" mentality should be in order.
on 22/11/2010
Consumed 4g a day (5 800 mg capsules) for about a week after having taken one a day for about a year. May be good for overall health, but certainly didn't noticeabley help my skin. Although it may be a coincidence, I also did get far more clogged pores (some of which became inflamed and moved to whiteheads) than before ramping up fish oil consumption.
on 21/09/2010
I use witch hazel on a cotton ball ~8 times a day. Very effective for me at drying up spots and preventing new breakouts because it keeps my face clean. If you overuse it, it will lead to more problems than it's worth, but like anything else, used in moderation it's very effective and is an easy way to help whatever acne problems you may have.