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My holy grail!
on 14/08/2013
I have had acne for 2-3 years, cystic, moderately-severe. I had lost hope so many times and truly thought I'd have acne for years to come. After doing extensive research I came upon this oil (again, because I had heard of it years ago) and decided to try it as another attempt. I bought a big bottle in Whole Foods' cooking section, nothing fancy. I've been using it twice a day and what can I say? 90-95% of my active acne is gone. Hyperpigmentation has been reduced so much, it's amazing. GSO is much more potent than vitamin C and really exfoliates the skin, which is why it's so good. I did not experience any breakout initially or anything. It's a shock but I saw a difference and felt huge relief from the first week. It's only been a month and I'm super excited to see how it keeps healing my skin. If you're reading this and don't know what to do because of mixed reviews blah blah blah...here's the thing, as repetitive as it sounds everyone has very different skin. It's taken me years to find something that continuously works for me. This may be your salvation or it may break you out. I've tried other oils (argan, olive, coconut, emu) and even though they all worked for a lot of people they did nothing for me. That's how it is sometimes. So just keep a steady and gentle regimen until you find something that works for you, giving it at least two weeks.<br/>Hope only the best for everyone reading :) God bless.
on 13/07/2011
I've used African Black Soap from Ghana for months and I love it. I think the main reason for the bad reviews is that people on here haven't used raw african soap, there are many copies of it out there, which is why buying online is your best bet. I buy mine from E b a y and it's very cheap ($5.24 for 6oz, currently) It might help very mild acne, but nothing amazing. I just love it because it's so gentle and pure which is everything you need in a good face wash, it shouldn't be helping your acne; that what a good treatment does. Remember, raw from Ghana. The women from there make it and pack it themselves. You will love it, so don't be discouraged by the bad reviews.<br/>Good luck. :)<br/>(BTW: for cysts try Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion) Help a ton.<br/>My acne is really bad, almost severe if anyone finds that helpful.
on 30/03/2011
Unfortunately, this didn't work for me :( I saw this person on yahoo answers who recommended that people massage extra virgin olive oil vigorously (I used cold pressed) to our faces in up & down motions, claiming it will give you perfect skin. I tried it for like 2 days, the second day I started getting tiny little red bumps, rash like. My mom told me to quit doing that, but I thought it was nothing since it was only a tiny bit and that it would go away if I kept going. Boy do I regret that. The next day after I did it again at night, my whole face was covered in a rash. With tiny whiteheads all over! I know most people believe that olive oil is not comedogenic, but if you have sensitive skin or normal (because I thought mine wasn't sensitive!) you might want to go slow (even if you're using it as a moisturizer) because there is nothing worst than an ugly rash. I still have it as I write this, and lucky me, I have an awards ceremony tomorrow ! Oh well, if this happens to you try Aloe Vera because it helps some. Good luck to you all, keep searching and God will grant you the wish of perfect skin, or something close to it ;)
on 26/01/2011
Of course, this would not work for me. Whenever I find an amazing product that works for everyone or mostly everyone it NEVER works for me. I got Philips brand. I've never had oily skin, but ever since I began getting acne (about less than a year ago) my face is so greasy. I put on makeup at about 6:30am and at about... 11:00am my skin is oily. towards the end of the day it's oilier and ORANGE, because my makeup oxidizes. (if anyone is sweet enough please leave some ideas for the people that this didn't work for).<br/>Well anyways, I tried this and applied it just normally like everyone else did w/ a makeup sponge very lightly over my oily areas. The point is that it didn't do anything, my face was still oily. :(<br/>Sucks but whatever, I gotta keep looking.<br/>The only plus I see is that we're gonna age slower :) hooray!<br/>I still think you should try this it's not gonna hurt you, it might just work for you.<br/>Good luck everyone (:
on 22/01/2011
I'm one of those people who keep changing their regimen a lot, but i'm really trying to stick with this.<br/>I used to have moderately severe acne and yogurt(plain, mask everyday) got rid of that, but I still had marks and I would always get random pimple breakouts, and yogurt wasn't helping anymore (overused it).<br/>Anyways... here's is my new regimen and it's working really well:)<br/>I mix in the baking soda in my cleanser(organic black african soap from ghana/cheap on e b a y) about 2-3 days out of a week (for morning and night/ sometimes only morning or only night.<br/>I mix it in by getting a really good lather out of my face bar, then put some baking soda in my hands (about 2 quarters sized) and then scrub my hands together for a bit and then clean my face with that.<br/>At night I put on lemon juice (from the bottles, I don't dilute it, but if you have sensitive skin it's 50/50 with water)<br/>After the lemon juice dries I put on a homemade vitamin C lotion/serum(google it, it's just crushed vit c's with moisturizer) the best way would be to get L-ascorbin acid powder and mix it w/ water but till I get that i'll use vitamin c pills. Put only a THIN layer, this will burn a lot(the more you use it the less it burns) I DON'T recommend for sensitive skin unless you buy the powder and go slowly.<br/>After the serum dries I put on emu oil THIN layer.<br/>REMEMBER : the less of things you put on your skin the better. Less will always be more.<br/>Good luck :)
on 27/12/2010
I was really hoping this would work for my oily t-zone but it didn't. : ( I saw all the raving reviews and I was like " This is amazing !" lol, but nothing. Washing my face w/ plain yogurt in the morning helps a bit.
on 23/10/2010
I've been using Dannon's plain yogurt (use only plain!!) for about a month. My acne had already gone down thanks to Dan's BP (discontinued due to the fact that BP is bad for your organs..etc) but my face was still full of acne.<br/>Using this daily has gotten rid of about 95% of it and my red/dark marks are so much lighter it's unbelievable. Before I normally had about 30 pimples on my face, right now I have 3. :D <3<br/>[I have used it in conjunction with emu oil at night and washing my face w/ likas papaya soap; I also do many home remedies during the week. such as an ice facial(google it and look at michelle phan's video on youtube.]<br/>So just try it, it's not gonna break you out and you have nothing to loose. Good luck :)