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on 11/01/2012
I started using the Dove Beauty Bar about 4 months ago. I used it because Retin-A really made my skin awful, and I wanted to switch to something without chemicals for a while. I used the bar every single night, and almost every morning. And I didn't use anything else on my face except for moisturizer when needed. I really wanted it to work for me, but sadly it didn't. I have oily skin, but it made my skin really flaky, worse than normal in the winter months. And it didn't do much about my acne, in fact it made it a little worse. And my skin always felt like it had a residue on it when I was done washing. I hoped it would work for my acne if I stuck with it, but I'm calling it quits on this one!<br/>I just switched to a medicated facial cleanser and I hope that clears things up!
on 30/08/2010
I just started this one week ago, and I cannot believe the difference! My acne is light (I mostly have little bumps on my forehead, and chin. And randomly get big painful pimples on my cheeks) I just had a flare up, and had one big zit, and two red spots from pimples the week before.<br/>I VERY gently scrub in circles for about a minute, rise off, then swipe Apple Cider Vinegar over my face and rinse it off with cold water. At night, I wash my face with a facial cleanser, dab baking soda paste on my blemishes, wait a minute, rise off with cold water, then go to bed.<br/>After one week, my red spots have faded dramatically, and my pimple dried up in two days, and it's on it's way to recovery!<br/>TRY IT!