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on 24/09/2011
Ok: Concha Nacar de Perlop, Bleach Cream no. 3. 6 bucks at Walmart for 2 oz. Short list of ingredients, all effective. Let me put it this way: 9 years of acne and thousands of dollars into skincare, and the best mask I have used is this cheap 6 dollar cream. My average mask used to be $60 dollars per 2 oz. I only wish I had tried it sooner. Only been a week and my skin is now 90% clear. Yeah, that pretty much speaks for itself.
on 03/07/2011
I am in love with manuka honey. I admit that I get annoyed using it sometimes, because it's honey (so it's a little sticky, gets in my hair, drips if applied too thickly, etc). However, the results far outweigh the "hassle" in my opinion! If you read up on manuka honey, it is the highest quality, most potently antibacterial honey you can buy. The cost is due to the fact that it is harvested in remote locations in New Zealand, and the highest quality manuka can only be extracted from wild manuka blossoms! So please don't hate on the price too much, you really, really do get what you pay for. And it is the bomb--if my memory serves me, medical practice during wartime soaked bandages in manuka honey, to encourage healing of open wounds and prevent bacterial infection. There are stories of manuka honey curing all types of skin diseases. It is just a wonderful discovery, and all you have to do is press click on the checkout on Amazon (or wherever, go to Whole Foods lol)!<br/>If you're confused by the numbers seen on the bottles (12+, 16+, 20+), that is the "unique manuka factor," which is a standardized scale to explain the potency and quality of the manuka in the honey. Beware of some companies, who claim to have high-grade manuka but really don't! I wouldn't trust "MGO" ratings (which scale around 250+ to 500+), but just UMF ratings.<br/>The 12+ will be the cheapest, sure, but the quality makes a huge difference from 12+ to 16+, and it was well worth the money in my opinion. It's hard to find a good company that sells 20+, but Watson & Son's "Black Label" seems promising. I'm waiting for it to be sold online. As for 16+ manuka, results can be seen the next day. Just look at all your blemishes: applying manuka honey for a couple hours (just slather it on, and go watch some TV!) will reduce the size of these spots in half, and inflammation will reduce immediately. When you suffer a breakout, don't be afraid to try this! Add some Aztec Healing Cl
on 14/05/2011
I would never put this in a proper acne regimen. This cleanser has nothing useful in it. A good cleanser if you have no acne problems.