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  • Interests suffered with acne for 12 years, am now 30.<br /><br />Have tried everything from different anti biotics, to retin a cream, lazer treatment, lemon juice, herbal tablets, capsules, over the counter treatments, private treatments. I actually was acne free for 2 years until late 2009. I was so happy that I was acne free that I started to look towards getting my scars lazered...then acne back at it's very worst.<br /><br />I have refused roaccutane as my doctor terrified me into not taking it! due to the side effects and I have a long term condition called M.E and he thought this could make me very ill.<br /><br />so here I am ready and on day 3 of the regimen as of 5th august 2010. I have nothing to lose by trying it. my blogs will track my progress and photos on the regimen thread.


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