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MMMMM Garlic!
on 06/06/2014
Okay.... I used garlic at work for acne. Since Idk how garlic works and how to do it right when topically applying it to the skin. But I've eaten garlic and I love the taste and smell of it. I wanted to be apart of my diet permanently as in means, eating meals with garlic in them. Since it possibly kills bad bacteria within your stomach, helps the immune system i think, and mythically it wards off evil spirits LOL...<br/>But it has a strong taste and smell. Becareful.
Stingy and burns
on 06/06/2014
I've done it few times. Doesn't make much differences in acnes I'd have....<br/>It stings, burns, and of course irritates my acne. Tooth paste usually helps with the teeth generally, not the skin. :P
on 06/06/2014
I honestly have some sort of urine fetish since few years ago i sorta peed on myself, sorry for being all weird and personal...<br/>Anyway Idk how this would work, since everyone's different. But Urine is filthy and made of waste food components i doubt it may work for me.... I wouldn't recommend it or try it. I perfer something clean, strong, natural and safe.
on 06/06/2014
I tried it, feels like nothing. Assuming it helps a bit, but I want my body full of vitamins and all the "anti-acne" supplements I can get!