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on 09/06/2011
I use just sugar alone to get rid of the dead skin for once a week if you have sensitive skin. Don't want to use with lemon because of my combination skin might dry the outer layer of my face. I only use a little bit on my face since it works so well.
on 09/06/2011
only put a little bit on the places you want to put it, then carefully blend. It does not cover well on flaky skin, and for a red face use a green conclear or had with the conclear a green powder to blend together. Got this conclear on sale, so now it's probably $7-11 dollars.
on 08/06/2011
Put this egg as a facial mask for once a week. Did nothing but give me more pimples! For some reason made me break out more.<br/>Combination skin -have to more careful.
on 14/08/2010
I use this product for my nose, for blackheads it's really a good use
on 14/08/2010
I need this soap if their body reacts horribly to soaps- this is the soap to use. I stopped using it for a few months- my body felt rough, my face had acne- all the cleansers i bought did not work.<br/>So buy!
on 14/08/2010
The best moisturizer- espically if you use harsh acne creams. Best for cominbation, dry and sensitive skin. Don't apply too much if you combination skin like me.