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on 31/07/2012
I use Nubian Heritage African Black soap. I use it twice a day. It has sheabutter, aloe, coconut oil, vitamin e, and some other natural products. It really makes your skin smooth which is an amazing feeling, but for me, I still to need to exfoliate. I'm adding sugar in starting tonight to exfoliate. But I can say it's the best cleanser I've ever used because my skin is super sensitive to chemicals. Natural skin care is the way to go.
on 18/07/2012
I used it for 5 days, and from day 1 my skin blew up. It made my skin more red and more oily than it already was. It itched and burned like hell. I know you are supposed to continue with a product for a month, but I just couldn't do it. Something about it didn't agree with my skin and I couldn't continue with it. I see my derm in 2 weeks and I'll explain to him what happened. I'm also on doxycycline. I'm on a high dose so I'm hoping that helps my acne.
on 26/05/2012
I dont have acne. I have dermatitis and rosacea. ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL has completely changed my skin. It helps with redness and blotches I get from the rosacea/dermatitis. It is an anti fungal, anti inflammatory moisturizing oil. It is the only product I use on my skin. My skin was horrible. I was getting red marks (not pimples) from the rosacea at least 1-2 times a week. They were stubborn and always left a red mark for a while. Using Coconut oil every night was the best choice I made.<br/>I used Natures Way EFA gold.
on 03/10/2010
Hands down try this. 100% satisfied!
on 11/08/2010
I cleansed with the site's cleanser, applied lemon juice via cotton ball, then the site's AHA. I woke up with 2 new pimples that were already ready to be popped. Im not going to give up on this though. Going to do it 4 times a week at night and hope for the best results. (fade redmarks and no more pimples)
on 11/08/2010
Definitely worth giving a shot. I recommend however to be on it as long as you can, because once you stop, your acne might come back.